Best Smart Home Devices For 2020

With the consistent advancement of technology, almost everyone is leaning towards further smart electronics. Mobiles, computers, TVs – all the things are simply getting smarter by the day. It’s quite unlikely that no improvisation will take place for your house.

The technical revolution has initiated its successful inventions to turn your living house into a smart one. Despite the idea is quite old, it became a reality not long ago.

A smart home comes with multiple devices that remained interlined for remote control, which is the Internet of Things (IoT). The best smart home system comes with self-monitoring, analyzing & reporting using the combination of machine learning with artificial intelligence.

Right now, the smart house is no longer an unknown or imaginary technical term.

Many homeowners turn their houses to smart home systems whereas others have introduced specific & particular devices. You can control the overall security, lighting, heating & ventilation with the single click on a button.

Not to mention, various common appliances are now available with smart features including kitchen & sanitary ones. From door lock to doorbell, from the security camera to light bulbs – you can get everything smart with optimum functionality.

Recently, tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft & other launched voice recognition systems for their own smart home devices. Their competition actually makes the overall market reachable for common people around the world. In fact, the growing popularity of smart devices keeps the manufactures busy in their laboratory to induce further technical features.

Smart home products come with their own advantages as well as specific disadvantages. The most beneficial advantage lies with energy consumption which saves your electricity bill to a considerable extent. With online control, you can watch over the vacant-house from anywhere in the world. Introducing smart home security allows you to monitor, alert & get the live feed of every incident from the house. The integration of built-in voice control eliminates hand inclusion while promoting overall functionality with voice commands. Being highly technical, most of the gadgets offer incredibly high durability in comparison to their traditional predecessors. Little maintenance holds enough to induce optimum serviceability for years regarding smart home solutions. Superb functionality is guaranteed at every aspect of application with the right gadget installed for the house.

When it comes to connecting multiple devices at once, the sky seems to be the only limit. Through featured in-app compatibility, you can even control, monitor & customize different devices without any issue.

Apart from all others, smart home automation definitely keeps your family in sync on all occasions. Considering the initial investment, the idea of starting the overall smart house may not seem very cost-effective. With the excess dependency on internet connectivity & technical use, you may face obvious problems. Against the giving’s the limitations aren’t very troublesome unless you have a limited budget or internet access. This is why smart people are settling down with the limitations & moving forward to ensure a smart living & lifestyle.

There are good numbers of gadgets available & every day the count goes higher. Regarding the essential necessity of living, we discussed the best smart home devices with suitable recommendations. You should get these ones in the primary stage regarding smart home automation.


Smart Room Ideas




The generalized idea of a smart room involves the proper combination of installation, functionality & monitor different tools at once. Turning a small apartment or room may seem troublesome work with lots of smart bedroom gadgets. Though it is likely to take some time to get cope with the new technique, the actual situation is never that complicated. But with practical knowledge, the overall task of room decor using particular types of gadgets is unbelievably simple.

From quite cheap to highly expansive – you can buy a considerable amount of smart home devices according to your necessity. With the consistent advancement of technology for the tools, Tech giants compete to have the market. It simply goes for light bulbs, switches, locks, cameras, clocks, thermostats, kitchen appliances, theater, speaker, TV & even your sleeping cushion. Obviously, the field has become quite wide already to spend your earnings regarding your smart home choices.

Homeowners working with smart tools since the arrival can easily understand the ones to purchase in an orderly manner. For them, it’s just a piece of cake to decide which one to get & which one to ignore. But for beginners who come to the smart room idea recently, the case isn’t this easy.

In fact, it may seem slightly confusing to get the initial ones to have a decent startup. But smart people look forward to getting the right ones taking overall enhancement of performance & functionality of the system.

As mentioned, almost every light & entertaining tool comes with smartness in the market. They have obvious differences in terms of features, functionality & price as well.

If you want to get started with smart gadgets, it would hold well with cheap & light ones rather than large or costly possessions. Among all the available ones – we chose a smart clock, smart plug & smart light bulb right below. These three can give a perfect debut of turning your home into a smart one.

Smart Clock – Echo Show 5 – Compact Smart Display

Smart ClockEcho Show 5 Compact Smart Display

Being a compact construction, the 5.5” display leads to perfect management of your time inside the house. Not only the time, but you can also get multifunctional performance with a crisp full sound. Connecting yourself to friends & family becomes easier, being suitable for any room or house. Through simple update for the to-do list & calendar, time management remains at its best.

Alexa compatibility permits talking to other rooms where Alexa App helps with video calling & messaging. Just ask Alexa, you will get movies, trailers, news, podcasts, audiobooks or radio stations. The smart clock design provides optimum privacy with a single-touch microphone & camera. You can even see lyrics/album through Amazon Music.

Smart Plug – Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini by TP-Link

Smart Plug – Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini by TP-Link

With a tiny construction, the mini smart plugs blend perfectly into the outlet without blocking adjacent sockets. The standard wall outlet easily supports up to 15 Amp power for the devices. Also, you can maneuver other smart electronics using the Kasa plug connectivity to the smartphone app. Being compatible with Kasa Smart App, you can create timers & schedules to turn on or off the devices automatically.

Integrated Alexa voice control holds compatible with Google Assistant for a better experience. Featuring Wi-Fi, the plug requires no hub or paid subscription using an additional 2.4 GHz connectivity. Using the Away Mode for security, you can initiate random/orderly turning on/off for controllable devices.

Smart Light Bulb – YEELIGHT Smart LED Bulb


The smart LED enables you to create smart lighting for your bedroom on any occasion. Without a bridge or hub requirement, you need simple screwing & taping in the smartphone app for the complete installation. There come 16 million possible combinations, allowing you to enjoy endless possibilities. Being compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, the hands-free operation syncs with the digital lifestyle.Providing 100 lumens in 10 Watts, the bulb comes with 22.8 years of lifespan. Intuitive Yeelight App permits quick adjustment of brightness, color & temperature. Also, you can control multiple smart light bulbs & other compatible smart devices at once. You can have further personalization, thanks to its synchronization with preferred music/photos.


Voice Assistants



The digital system of voice assistant functions over natural language processing, voice recognition & speech synthesis. The ultimate luxury regarding a smart life lies with a digital assistant that listens, anticipates & lunches action. In fact, the voice assistant is one basic feature that turns a device into a smart one to provide user aid. Despite being a rather small package, the system is capable of initiating a variety of actions for individual/multiple tools. Consistent advancement & change of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiate more fluent, responsive & helpful interaction with technical devices.

All the big names in technology – Apple, Goggle, Amazon, Microsoft launched numerous tools having voice supporting system. Arriving on the smart electronics market, you can barely find devices without voice assistants these days. Allowing you to enjoy a completely hand-free operation, voice recognition eases the maneuvering & control of various devices. Not only voice recognition helps you to carry out indoor activities but it also makes an order on the outside world. The revolutionary technology was first introduced by Apple & now, the field is simply getting broader with days.

Specifically saying, three particular voice assistant systems among all others managed to remain at the forefront of public choice.

Siri (Apple): The very first system, Siri by Apple comes with a full pack of sound & knowledge regarding quality, performance. Despite being on a pricier side, you will obviously receive excellent serviceability.

Alexa (Amazon): Amazon’s Alexa gained worldwide popularity with quality & variety of models within affordable prices. With Alexa App, many smart electronics offer multifunctional performance regarding indoor & outdoor activities.

Google Assistant (Google): With the outstanding sound quality & responsive action, Google assistant is capable of delivering efficient service. Whether questions or commands, the system holds great for anywhere inside the house.

A smart speaker comes with the best performance when it gets to voice assistant alone. And, we covered 3 of the most popular speakers right below.

Sonos One (Gen 2) – Voice Controlled Smart Speaker


The 2nd generation Sonos smart speaker is powerful enough to create proper room-filling sound. The compact construction initiates humidity resistance which holds perfect to fit about any space, even in your bathroom. Have a pair installed in the room, and you’re good to go for perfect stereo separation. Thus, the speaker offers clearer, more detailed sound for the home theater.

With the LED indicator, you’ll learn whether the microphone remains active or not. Integrated voice control ensures hand-free operation to play music, set alarms, check news & even answer your questions. Through Wi-Fi connectivity, connecting different rooms to launch a perfect home sound system becomes simple. Alexa voice compatibility comes with complete smartphone maneuvering through Sonos App & Apple AirPlay 2.

All-new Echo (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker


With the 3rd generation Dolby powered speaker, you can enjoy premium quality 360° sound. Offering dynamic bass response & crisp vocals, it personalizes your listening experience using adjustment of equalizer settings. Pairing with a second Echo can induce stereo sound. Having multiple privacy layers, the portable smart speaker is designed to hold proper protection for your settings & recordings.

Featuring Amazon Alexa integration, you can turn on the favorites from Amazon Music, Apple Music, SiriusXM & more. Allowing you to install & connect for different rooms, it creates a multi-room sound system. Being suitable to act as an intercom, the system keeps your family in sync. The skilfull Alexa comes with multifunctionality that enables you to control other smart home devices.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The next-generation Bluetooth speaker comes with a powerful stereo sound. With durable & waterproof fabric, the construction remains an all-weather companion for outdoor parties. The dual bass passive radiators with wireless streaming induce a JBL signature sound. Being portable, the best smart speaker for music features a 3000 mAh Li-ion battery to ensure 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime.

The ratio of signal to noise is more than 80 dB, ensuring maximum quality without the slightest disruption. Using the patented JBL Connect+ technique, you can pair 100 other JBL speakers at once. The built-in voice assistant holds compatible with Apple Siri or Google Now through a simple press on the button. Having one noise & echo canceling speakerphone, you can enjoy optimum clearness for calls.


Smart Hubs



When you’ve everything for a smart home, you obviously don’t think of operating all the tools individually. Operating all in groups will help you to achieve the best of the smart technologies at once. And to run all devices simultaneously without any disruption, you will need a perfect smart hub. Acting as the centerpiece of smart houses, hubs are capable of channeling signals from all the gadgets inside the house. Using one single specific app, you don’t need to waste time on individual apps to make your customization.

There are some smart devices now that comes with its own proprietary hub inclusion. Despite it works with particular devices, it barely may hold sufficient to control all the tools at once. The main issue lies with its integration with other smart gadgets inside the house. Therefore, you may not able to utilize most of the tools at once, prohibiting smooth communication. And that’s where you have to get something compatible with common devices, at least. With a convenient hub, you can experience a rather simple & quick functionality of disparate hubs.

With a considerable number of good-quality models available, smart hubs take different forms. Equipped with wireless protocols, you can go for local or cloud connectivity. The most popular connecting protocols are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, Zigbee & Z-Wave among which Zigbee/Z-Wave remains the most suitable. Both of them bring low-cost connectivity, alleviating power issues. In fact, you can divert the traffic off to ease the overall congestion.

Most of the hubs are router-like hardware to place in a suitable position for control. Yet there are smartphone apps or software through which you can skip the added cost of hardware. One of the most popular is Apple HomeKit App which holds good when you got the compatible devices. Speaking of the hardware, we have the best three right below for your consideration.

Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation


The wireless connectivity permits full control over a wide range of smart devices from 40+ partnering brands. The compatibility holds right even for previous versions of Samsung SmartThings Hub outlets & sensors. With the plastic construction, you can receive alerts over unexpected activity via connected devices. Through the home automation, you can create routines to initiate automated turning on/off at any time.

You can use either the SmartThing app or Amazon Alexa to maneuver the compatible gadgets. The hub is compatible with light, switch, camera, doorbell, door lock, thermostat – whatever you name. Not to mention, the voice command holds good with Google Assistant as well. Through the improvised onboard guidance, the setup & use remain incredibly easy.

Echo Plus (2nd Gen) – Smart Home Hub

The 2nd generation Echo Plus is basically a sound speaker that comes with an integrated hub for controlling devices. Yet, the Echo Plus managed to provide one of the best hubs you can get for the system. The built-in Zigbee hub allows easy setup & supreme control over the smart devices. Being compatible with common gadgets, the Echo Plus smart hub personalizes your settings over the entire house.

With Alexa activation, no more time-consuming hand operation or hassled management of individual devices.  Just ask to discover the devices, the hub will automatically detect & enlist all the compatible ones. The Bluetooth connectivity permits you to keep your family in sync with a smooth response. It eases the service for announcements/drop ins.

Logitech Harmony Hub for Home Devices


Whatever you want to turn on/off or pause, you will need a simple voice command or a single button press. Alexa compatibility makes it suitable for numerous common & popular smart devices for home application. Designed to work with top entertainment gadgets, all you need is ask Alexa. Not to mention, you can have complete control over 8 devices (Set-top box or lights) at once.

The Harmony App keeps the automation control smooth & simple with a user-friendly interface. Turning the smartphone into a personalized remote, you can enjoy maximized customization of preferred settings. The remote helps to find & enjoy your favorite program from 50 channels. In fact, the smart hub control system is compatible with iOS/Android phones & computers with Windows 8, 7 Vista, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.


Smart Lighting System



Making an investment in a smart lighting system seems one ideal option to start creating your smart house. Obviously, light bulbs play an essential part to induce a perfect & enjoyable ambiance for the house. Although the price is somewhat higher than traditional ones, smart ones remain within an affordable value. Being cheap, energy-efficient & incredibly durable – smart lighting can serve the purpose well enough. Reliable performance & functionality are undeniably one of the best ways to introduce smartness to your living.

Through mesh networking, each of the installed bulbs initiates a wireless system to enable hub control. Featuring the LIFX platform, Wi-Fi connectivity eliminates the necessity of using hubs. With simple construction, the smart lighting system for home often includes further accessories like motion detectors or dimmer switches. There are three particular types available suitable for common household uses. Standard ones contain bayonet fitting at the bottom whereas candle bulbs feature screwed fittings on the base. The third type is the spotlight bulb that comes with the most common GU10 fittings.

Growing exponentially smarter, the LED bulbs come with a considerable number of technical features. Installation & operation require the least effort, time to initiate a superb difference for your home interaction. There are lots of ways you can use the lighting system with temporary change or permanent upgrades. Customer preferences make this particular industry a demandable one from the very beginning. There are lots of models around right now with an immense number of features & variety.

Being LED, the smart light bulbs Wi-Fi draws incredibly less power consumption. A 9.5W or 5.5W smart LED can provide 60W or 50W equivalent service of conventional incandescent bulbs. Apart from the colorful ones, white LED also can be smart ones with integrated voice control & app compatibility. Right below, there come three best smart lighting system for your house, considering all the features.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 LED Smart Bulb


Since the arrival, Philips Hue remains at the forefront of smart lighting solutions with outstanding functionality & user satisfaction. You can make the choice of turning colors from 16 million combinations, inducing an extraordinary lighting experience. You can even create lighting schedules to help with your indoor activities. The A19 system features a Hue bridge to manage the lighting of 50 light bulbs at once.

With limitless possibilities, you can enjoy less energy consumption for the 10W bulb. The screwing bottom permits easy installation that works with Alexa. You can easily expand the functionality of the best smart bulbs using 12 additional accessories. Despite requiring a hub, the functionality is compatible with automation with SmartThings or Nest.

Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit


The Sengled LED permits you to do & explore on a greater scale when it comes to lighting. The multicolor starter kit comes with 16 million choices alongside with white light. With 2000 to 6500K transition, the smart lights for home are designed to save your eyesight. The automated transformation of candlelight to daylight returns to the last setting used after turning on.

Featuring schedules, creating specific scenes or smart light fixtures remains easy. It’s possible to put lights or change the colors on schedule. You can simply control the activities from home or outside. The included Hub supports 64 lights at once, even with white A19 & multicolor bulbs. Both Alexa & Google Assistant compatibility, the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi provides a strong voice commanding system.

eufy Lumos Smart Bulb By Anker- White & Color


You can generate the perfect lighting atmosphere to celebrate occasions or simply decorate the house. Over 16 million color combinations work perfectly, though the best outdoor smart bulb isn’t compatible with dimmers. Allowing you to schedule the lighting colors & startup, it initiates automated turning on/off. Enabling the Away mode gives optimum safety & simulation for a non-vacant house while you’re outside.

Being a 9W smart light Alexa, you can 80% energy with 60W equivalent output. Through Alexa compatibility, effortless changing of light color, color temperature or brightness prevails. The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi supports further control to induce the perfect luminescence. Using the EufyHome app, you can access the settings from anywhere. The free app is compatible with Android 4.3/iOS 8 & higher versions.


Smart Cameras



Whether you’re rent or own, a security camera is an ultimate solution to know what’s going on when you’re not in the house. If you’re concerned about theft, a proper camera can help you with safeguarding your valuables. Despite security cameras are out there for aq considerable time, smart ones are no match to the old ones. Whereas the traditional ones just feed you the video, advanced technology now allows you to hear & change the angles.

In the market, you can get both wireless & wired cameras within affordable price tags. But the most preferable ones are wireless ones that keep you out of the troublesome dealing with the wire installation. Despite only a few ones that can store the feed, wireless cameras induce maximum user convenience. Not to mention, you can even share the best & most memorable moments live with your family. Some cameras come with night vision & special motion detection, ensuring a higher scale of home security.

A smart security camera generally contains a good number of integrated tools to induce maximum functionality. Automated inspection, non-contact measurement & rotational surveillance are the unique functionalities of smart camera applications. It includes circuitry, processor, sensor, an illuminating device, processor, program, the output video and many more. Not all the tools are available in all the models but the basic ones are present in good combination for the best-quality ones. The establishment of a visual network around the house is also possible with multiple cameras.

Regarding privacy, the best smart cameras initiate multiple layers of protection against cyber intrusion. Being weatherproof in most cases, the security system holds perfect even on the outside of the house. There are a wide variety of options with a considerably higher range of prices. We would like you to check the best three at a reasonable price for our home security.

Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren


The high-quality video feed comes with sharper & brighter details of every incident happening inside the house. In fact, the 1080p HD recording offers maximum sound quality, thanks to the 2-way audio system integration. With a plugged-in rechargeable battery support, the flexible camera induces optimum portability. You can even highlight important or vulnerable areas.

Free cloud permits recording of 7 days activity for which you can go for USB drive for local storage. Connecting to the Arlo solar panel, the smart cameras with Wi-Fi hold perfectly resistant to all weather conditions. Remote controlled 100 dB siren provides a loud alarm when unexpected sound/motion gets detected. You can even capture overall activity 3-seconds prior to any triggered incident.

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Zoom Smart Home Camera


Covering every single corner of the room, you can observe all the possible angles, on-demand. The unique PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) provides optimum control over the feed to induce an automated monitoring system. Through Wyze app connectivity, the 1080p full HD stream of the best wireless security camera system gives you the overall insight. Featured night vision can record clearly up to 30’ distance using 6 IR (Infra-Red) LED inclusion.

Detecting any sound/motion, the camera saves a 12-second video to the cloud for 14 days free of charge. The built-in pan scan allows you to patrol the entire room through the pre-set route with a maximum of 4 entry points. Being compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, you can enjoy maximized voice control. The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi lets you connect & control from Android & iOS devices.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera


A comprehensive surveillance service allows you to monitor, see & speak with the visitors. The 1080p HD feed comes with a live view to share significant moments with your family members. The infrared night view ensures reasonable detection of activity in darkness. Whenever motion gets detected, it sends alerts immediately to compatible devices. The best wireless security camera system is suitable for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows 10.

Featuring integrated siren & LED strips, the system ensures optimum recording cleanliness. With a rechargeable battery, the quick-release mechanism induces ease of use. Activating the Alexa, the camera enables you to make announcements upon emergency. You can talk to visitors using compatible Echo gadgets.


Smart Security System



Whether it’s home or office, you do know the value o& importance of your investment or belongings. Being a pretty old idea, having a security system for house/business is always looking forward to further betterment. In fact, the continuous advancement of technology keeps the traditional security outdating on a frequent basis. You will require tighter & more effective security to ensure maximum protection for your possessions. Rather than relying on conventional ones, you better get smart home security systems installed to receive smart protection.

Although the overall security system was considered for professional use, the DIY system makes it suitable for homeowners. Being costly, the professional ones barely meet the popularity of recent security designed for home applications. In fact, peace of your mind regarding home security no longer requires a pricey purchase. The most modern ones allow anyone to install, monitor & operate the entire combination through online guidance. With in-app & voice control, making customization of the system remains simple.

Most of the modern security systems are quite modular that permits you to begin with a hub (siren), sensors & controller. The top-rated wireless home security systems allow the installation of further accessories to expand the field of your protection. Not to mention, it is compatible with door/window sensors, smart cameras & Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detectors. Therefore, you can the right combination of tools to take the security level at the next step from thefts or hackers.

While buying, the most important thing to keep in mind is your home automation requirements. It is necessary to explore the home protocols & find the ultimate system to induce maximized security. With the consistent development of features, getting the most advanced one isn’t easy. And you should avoid forefronting the budget, as securing your possessions are of utmost importance. With the following three choices, you can get the optimum relief of having a secure home.

SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System


With SimpliSafe technology, there comes no complexity in installation, operation or understanding. Through the pioneering signal burst, the powerful 95 dB sound covers the entire house for about 1000’ clearly. The alarming technique holds perfect even without any additional extender. The base station features siren, keypad, sign & stickers. Also, it includes entry & motion sensor. Featuring an optional system for 24/7 monitoring, you can receive police, fire & medical dispatch without contracts.

Just plug in the base station & place the sensors to launch the SimpliSafe security home system. Integrated Keyfob allows you to arm/disarm the system over a single push of the button. The inclusion of a panic button sends a quick alert to the monitoring center for immediate help.

abode Essentials DIY Wireless Security System


The starter kit packs everything to induce the most reliable & perfect DIY home security. With no strings attached system to keep the entire privacy on your hands, you’ll receive no sale pitches or contracts. To control other devices, simply pick them to the best home security camera system to enjoy multi-purpose security. Incredibly easy installation follows the router connectivity with abode mobile app for getting the on-screen guidance.

With triggered alarm, you will receive an immediate notification to the patched smartphone. You can even set a custom notification to know about the activities going on inside the house. Using remote control, you can arm/disarm the system through the key fob. An integrated motion detector with a wide range of radius ensures maximum surveillance.

Honeywell RCHS5200WF1004/W Camera Base station


The all-in-one system contains self-monitoring performance to secure the entire house. In fact, the camera base station maintains a constant connection with your home. Featuring nigh vision & motion detection, the best wireless alarm system remains alert day & night to ensure the safety of your beloved ones & possessions. Over unexpected intrusion/activity, one 1080p video clip gets recorded with full audio integration.

With the 147° angle & 2-way audio, the clip provides clear details of the recordings. There comes 24-hrs cloud storage with encrypted access. Alexa compatibility allows voice control whereas an expandable system meets your requirement to establish perfect security. Using the integrated speaker, you can turn on specific tunes in no time.


Smart Door Locks



Securing your house is paramount & the first thing crossing your mind about security should be a door lock. The application of traditional door locks dates back more than a thousand years with minor improvements. But the basic mechanism remains constant which once seemed quite difficult to replace with suitable alternatives. Despite the lock holds good, its efficiency against theft always remained questionable. Through the advancement of technology, even a Wi-Fi door lock with camera comes with bank-level encryption for accessibility. Being extremely difficult to break, a smart lock is sure to become the favorite lock.

Strictly speaking, smart locks are one ergonomic & reliable extension home automation security. Not to mention, the device is one of the most essentials regarding the overall system & a good one to start with your smart life. No more relying on the strength or thickness of deadbolts for securing your possessions while you’re out. The electromechanical device comes with a wireless locking system over a valid user authentication.

Generally, the locks are granted access using smartphones or wireless verification of given key fob. Unlike the traditional locks, smart ones don’t offer a static system of using the same key or code all along. The biggest benefit of using a smart lock is its suitable interface for configuration. You can change the unlocking code or formation in a moment’s notice. Although the price seems a bit high for initial investment, these locks provide further functionality & performance.

Obviously, there is a good number of reasons why a modern smart lock makes your sense. You can embrace the latest technology while creating custom security for your desired place. With backup key feature & remote control, the system remains unbreakable in every aspect. Compatibility with mobile apps & home automation features, you will enjoy optimum security. With everything in consideration, you can explore the best smart locks 2020 to choose from.

August Home ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock Pro


Turning the front door into a smart gateway, the top-quality August smart lock offers an optimum maneuvering facility. Through controllable keyless access, you can track & monitor the door opening & closing using our phone. Automatic unlocking upon your arrival helps you to skip the locking the door. Being compatible with most standard single-cylinder deadbolts, you can keep the existing lock system.

In fact, the retrofit installation initiates an easy & effortless operation from the very beginning. With 24/7 activation, the best keyless door lock keeps you informed about anyone crossing the door from inside or outside. The voice control is functional at all the three major platforms – Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri to take your command. And the functionality doesn’t require complete elimination of existing door lock & key system.

Yale Assure Lock SL – Key Free Smart Lock


Specifically designed to work with the Apple interface, the Yale smart lock comes with incredible functionality. The integrated iM1 is responsive to Siri, allowing you to make the locking & unlocking using our voice commands. Through simple screwdriver use, you can easily make the replacement of old deadbolts within minutes. If you forget to lock the door behind, enabling auto relock will shut the door for you. The adjustable latch can create daily schedules.

With Yale Secure app on iPhone or iPad, you can manage up to 250 particular pin codes. You can even use the built-in backlit keypad for locking. With the 9v terminal, the dead batteries get an emergency charge to help you with opening the door. Combined with weather resisting gasket, these best smart door locks hold almost unbreakable & intact in any condition.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim


The innovative design & supreme functionality of Schlage smart lock provides you the ultimate peace of mind. Without requiring any hubs or additional accessories, the integrated Wi-Fi induces responding connectivity to your indoor network. The built-in indicator alerts over low battery & confirms the requirement of battery replacement. There come 100 access codes that initiate superb flexibility regarding DIY security.

Through the included alarm technology, the system senses & therefore, alerts over potential attacks/breaches. The capacitive touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant, permitting single-touch locking. Compatibility for Alexa & Google Assistant eases your controlling effort while paired with suitable devices. Easy installation of best Alexa door lock requires only a screwdriver while snapping the existing deadbolt on the door.


Smart Home Theater



The idea of a smart home remains incomplete without a proper sound system to complement the smart lifestyle. Obviously, a great TV screen is important to enjoy your favorite shows or movies. But no matter how large the screen is, you can’t get the right experience without perfect audio of the on-screen motion. Built-in TV speakers may somehow manage to provide a decent punch, but not exactly what you want. That’s where the necessity of investing in a good home theater system comes to suit your smartness.

Home theaters are designed to immersive & authentic cinematic time inside the house. And state-of-art functionality lies with smart home theaters, installing several types of smart tools. All the components can offer different outputs depending on the model configuration & individual efficiency. A smart home theater can induce maximum luxury to smart living without cutting your pocket.

Best-quality theaters are designed to maintain an excellent balance between sound quality & sufficient durability. When you go for a perfect home theater system, you’re likely to get confronted with a list of AV receivers, speaker packages & soundbars. It’s a little difficult in the first place to figure out the necessary ones, but you may consider different options for giving a start. You may avoid getting a separate system or amplifier which is rather complicated in comparison to the simplified options. For complete theater experience, you can consider the all-in-one system that offers greater functionality & output.

Having the best smart theater is undeniably the first step of introducing a larger sound system. The proper combination of subwoofer, speaker & cable delivers the supreme bass for great output quality. But sometimes, even the combination may not hold good for having the best sound. Mostly, this issue occurs due to poor room calibration or insufficient acoustic proofing. The following three are the best ones you should check out in the first place.


Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System


Outstanding engineering provides the best indoor entertainment for your favorite music, TV & movies. With premium glass & brushed aluminum, the powerful sound theater remains stunning like its functionality. Featuring one centered channel speaker with 4 OmniJewel speakers to induce the powerful sound. The combination of 5 integrated speakers offers maximized quality all-around 360 basses in any room.

Easy installation allows you to enjoy a wireless stream of music. Having a wireless module, the Quiet Port technique works with built-in DSP for eliminating distortion. Through the ADAPTiQ calibration, your room gets uniformly heated with a clean sound with rich bass. Using the Alexa, you can simply control the volume, change the tracks & even monitor from other rooms.

Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1-Channel Home Theater

Full enjoyment of HD video sound without the slightest degradation prevails regarding natural audio imaging. The discreet 5.1 channel amplification comes with HDCP 2.2 compatibility to induce an exclusive bass. Featuring a 100W powered 6.5” subwoofer, you will receive optimal sound performance. Through YPAO optimization, the powerful tunes created by the system hold perfect for your indoor environments.

The compact construction of Yamaha home theater contains a beautiful black gloss to offer a stylish touch. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy wireless playback with expansive audio imaging. Therefore, a vivid, lively audio quality is guaranteed for your favorite tunes. Suitable with Dolby & Log-Gamma, the theater initiates an incredible contrast, bright color & smooth tone.

Enclave CineHome Wireless Audio Home Theater


The efficient wireless system comes with uncompromising sound coverage for the entire room. With the intended design, the 5.1 surround delivers every nuance of every sound. There come 3 particular inputs to function perfectly with the preferred devices. The bipole speakers on the rear side with full-ranged drivers ensure widespread, enveloping sound quality. You can enjoy the 24 Bit audio with optimal quality from any position inside the room.

Featuring the central hub, you won’t require any additional receiver or speaker cable. Saving your pocket & space, the best wireless home theater system produces intense sound. The quality remains good even for stereo signals. No lip-sync issues ever take place with the seamless, uncompressed audio.


Smart Kitchen Appliances



Cooking is a creative art that requires good precision & control to result in a delicious meal.  The advancement of technology keeps making everything around smarter, including our daily equipment. The kitchen is one essential part of any house with an incredibly high number of appliances for cooking. Although the traditional ones still hold good for household cooking, smart kitchen appliances are just about to change the overall cooking system. Smart kitchen gadgets combine the functionality of conventional ones with the addition of some user-friendly features.

Automatic cooking with preset schedules & self-monitoring of the process is the most notable benefits of smart appliances. You won’t need to watch over the cooking anymore wasting your time before the stove. Most of the appliances are app compatible these days, allowing you to control the cooking even without going to the kitchen. With remote control features, you can easily adjust the temperature, power switches & cooking times perfectly.

As mentioned, a fully functional kitchen is loaded with incredible numbers of devices. The best part is you can have most of those as smart ones in the market. Having superior technology, each gadget is designed to ensure optimum serviceability with less power consumption. Although the efficiency differs from models to models, the basic lies with ease of use, saving your time & space. With integrated safety features, all the best cooking appliances induce maximum user security while operating.

Apart from outstanding performance, the appliances come with a specific design to increase the overall kitchen decor. Oven, refrigerator, crock-pot, coffee maker, precision cooker, scanner, thermometer, blender & even weighing scale – you can attain everything smart. Despite the price range is unbelievably large with variable type & functionality, you can enjoy the maximum cooking taste. Among lots of appliances available, we managed to pick the most popular ones that won’t let you down inside the kitchen.

AmazonBasics Microwave, Small,  Works with Alexa


You can start voice-activated microwaving for your cooking with the utmost simplification. Whether you need to defrost vegetable, cook potato, make popcorn or reheat rice – you will receive the most reliable performance. Featuring an easy-to-use keypad, the operation requires a single press on the button. Patching with the Echo device permits you to use quick-cook voice presets.

Being compact, the construction of the best microwave Amazon initiates a counter space-saving functionality that includes 10 power levels. There are about 24 presets to enable your preferred cooking mode. Getting consistently smarter, built-in Alexa introduces newer presets regarding your smart microwaving necessity. Apart from child lock & turntable inclusion, you will certainly enjoy automated popcorn reordering to enjoy with your family.

NutriBullet Balance, Enabled Smart Blender


A new balance & delicacy in your every taste comes with this amusing blender. The 1200W base induces superb functionality in extracting all the nutrients properly from the blended food. In fact, the base comes with sensor, colossal cups, blade, lids & rings. The included flip-top lid pair & lip ring pair help with the entire operation without any safety issue.

Using the guidance & manual, the best nutrient blender becomes incredibly easy to run, maintain & arrange the parts perfectly. Through the integrated Bluetooth & featured nutrition sensor, the exact nutritional value is measured within seconds. The compatible NutriBullet app offers online support regarding the proper blending of different items. You can even set personal nutrition goals, track pantry items & customize the shopping list.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker


Using the smart precision cooker, you can bring the restaurant meal taste at home. Featuring an adjustable clamp, the cooker fits on any pot. The circulator integration holds perfect a hand-off cooking with consistent control & precision. Bound to cook in its juices, the flavor is unable to escape to ensure moist & tenderness. The featured 360° directional pump for the 4-5 gallon tank works at 1-1.2 GPM.

With Bi-Metal fuse, the safety remains at its best from overheating or creating excess wastage. The cooker is designed to enable remote maneuverability using in-app settings. Through smart device maneuvering & cooking notifications, you can easily discover 1000+ recipes. Reasonably powerful BT connectivity allows you to control from about 30’ away.


Smart Thermostats



Proper controlling of interior heating or air conditioning is quite essential to maintain the living circumstance of the house. Considering the traditional system, the functionality & satisfaction hold good unless you take the electricity bill into consideration. And thermostats are quite a popular tool in this regard for its lower price tag. With the advancement of technology, you should think of replacing the old system with smart thermostats. Overall functionality & electricity bill, both meet your satisfaction with the right one.

Smart thermostats are blessed with home automation & customizable temperature to get the most comfortable environment. The best part about smart ones is the remote control of temperatures & even undergo self-adjustment based on ambient weather. This is the upgraded version of the modern programmable thermostats that comes with further features. With Wi-Fi connectivity & smartphone control, the tool has a lot to offer in terms of convenience & efficiency. No to mention, half of your electricity bill just gets eliminate through the power consumption of the smart heating system.

Smart thermostat Alexa contains 3 specified parts among which HVAC plugging one deal with power consumption. The presence of C wire easily functions over low voltage electricity. The second is the thermostat itself that should comprise of heater support alongside with optional sensors. Some of the advanced ones offer diagnostic features to detect problems with duct or HVAC systems. And above all, you can get the details of energy consumption with a reminder to change the filtration system.

Speaking of the price tag, the efficiency of the models goes higher with the price. Despite pricey ones are loaded with numerous features, basic features of cheap ones can hold it right. Being a simple but vital necessity of smart houses, there are considerably high numbers of models in the market. From those, we would like to recommend 3 of the best smart thermostats 2020 here.

ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control


Overall enhancement of state-of-art indoor comfort brings a whole new way to control the home environment. Integrated SmartSensor permits you to adjust the ecobee smart thermostat based on temperature & occupancy. With Quad-Core processor & 5 GHz support, the thermostat is supercharged with incredible power. The effective system can reduce your annual bill by 23% in comparison to holding a system of 72°F.

Alexa compatibility allows responsive voice control over your command. Meanwhile, the EcoBee app initiates maneuvering from the tablet, smartphone or even your smartwatch. Using the app, you can install the system all by yourself. Having wireless Bluetooth 5.0, it enables Spotify streaming that offers your favorite tunes seriously.

Google, T3007ES, Nest Learning Thermostat


No more detail or troublesome programming to attain the most suitable temperature inside the house. Learning to your preferred temperatures, the smart Google Thermostat programs itself. Guiding to set the right temperature, the entire system saves a considerable amount of energy. In fact, the equipment can control half of your electricity bills – more than electronics or appliances.

With excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, you can make customization using phone, tablet or laptop. It remains functional with 95% of the 24V heating or cooling system. Using the Home/Away assist, you can control & automate the thermostat functionality. Through Nest Protect, the smart thermostat nest easily detects the emission of CO gas & turns off the furnace.

Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat


At first glance, you can make a mistake taking the thermostat as one large smartwatch. Featuring GeoFencing, the system initiates a 7-day flexible schedule depending on your activities. The Honeywell smart thermostat is pretty convenient in terms of size & functionality. Also. you can enjoy location-based temperature control which helps to get the right interior condition.

With adaptive recovery, the device runs automatically to reach the desired temperature. It also comes with an automated change from heat to cool mode. Being compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can control the functionality using voice commands. Through the smart notification, you get alerts for filter change & upcoming extreme weather.

Wrapping Up

Every single home equipment is getting smarter by the days, outdating the old, traditional systems. It’s quite difficult to make a specific number of choices among all the available ones. But we would like you to get a perfect introduction to the smart home idea alongside with its suitable constituents in the first place. That’s why we narrowed down the available options regarding basic & most frequent indoor requirements. The aforementioned ones can induce the proper beginning for getting your home smart.

With affordable price tags & outstanding functionality, each of the discussed smart gadgets remains popular among the common customers. As mentioned, there are other devices available to help you with the idea of a smart home. Some of the neglected ones are quite affordable like doorbells, switches or sleeping fans. There are costly ones that include refrigerator, TV, air conditioner or cleaners. Getting all the devices at once seems quite a costly insertion of smartness for the house. It holds good to have some light ones initially. Covering the basic features with suitable details, we are hopeful of providing preliminary knowledge about home smartness.