What is a smart plug?

A smart plug is a device that converts ordinary appliances and devices of your house into smart ones. You can regard it as a power-point adapter placed between the power socket you have and the device you want to plugin. You can control the power supply to the instrument by installing an app on your smart device – it can either be your Smartphone or tablet, whatever you have. This one is highly beneficial that can make any ordinary electric outlet into a smart one.

You will have a variety of plugs out there that can provide exciting changes for your home automation. But only the best smart plugs can ease your pressure entirely and give you comfort in using various devices. It can also control your smart thermostats, connected appliances, and other smart devices. Honestly, smart plugs work well and can upgrade any regular machine into a smart one without creating any hassle.

What do smart plugs work? 

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) bundle with Amazon Smart Plug2

Many of you ask us whether smart plugs work with a home kit. Fortunately, the answer is “Yes.” They reach a regular house to a new level and make things easier for you. What you need is to plug them into your home outlets, and they will do their task automatically by running your home instruments through Alexa. In that case, you have to pick up the best smart plugs for Alexa. Otherwise, it may be a mere wastage of money and time.

Alexa is an intelligent device that works via a voice command given by a user. When you use a smart plug to make dumb devices, such as a table lamp, room fan, coffee maker, etc., into smart ones, they can be operated by the sound of your voice. How convenient that is! Indeed, the device will make your days easier than before.

What do smart plugs do? 

Remember, only the best home smart plugs can perform consistently and with durability. However, in the following, I will show you what smart plugs do for you. Let’s look at them at a glance:

  • Track an appliance to measure electricity consumption: Connecting a home appliance to a smart plug will help you calculate how much electricity it consumes. Now you can decide whether you will replace or continue with it. If it consumes more electricity, you can substitute an energy-saving one to lessen your electric bills.
  • Make your house ghostly: Do you want to make your home a knee-trembling scaring one to frighten your family members and friends? Then the smart plugs will let you do so. You can set it in such a way that when anyone enters the front door, all the lights inside will turn off automatically, and ghostly music will begin to play. The atmosphere all around will be a bewildering one that will make them bound to tremble with fear.
  • Turn off or on the lights according to a schedule you set: Smart plugs help you turn off or on your home lights following a particular schedule. For example – you need to wake up at 3:30 am. Now you need not use an alarm. Instead, you can set the schedule, and the lights will switch on according to that. You can do the same thing for turning off the lights.
  • Can set the temperature level according to a schedule: It sometimes happens that you forget to turn off your air-conditioner while leaving home to attend your office. In that case, smart plugs will help you set a schedule for turning off the device. At the same time, they will switch on the machine just before your arrival. For example – you leave home at 8 am. Now you can set the time to turn it off at 8:30 am every day. Hence, you need not make your mind switch on/off the device every day while leaving home.
  • Others: Apart from the above, it has many more heartwarming works to do. It helps you lessen vampire power, keeps your house away from burglars, optimizes the charging stations of your devices, limits the screen time of your children, cooks food according to the schedule, automatically switch off electric blankets, heaters, and fans, lessen the risk of electrical fires, etc.

What smart plugs work with Google home?

You will get different types of smart plugs that work with Google home. But the following ones are our most favorite:

  • Current Wi-Fi smart outlet
  • Leviton decora smart Wi-Fi plug-in outlet
  • Wink hub 2
  • Samsung SmartThings hub
  • Noon lighting system starter kit
  • Wemo Wi-Fi smart dimmer
  • LIFX color 1000
  • Philips hue white and color ambiance A19 bulb starter kit, etc.

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