Sengled Smart LED Soft White A19 Starter Kit


One of the most important elements of a modern house is light bulbs & technical advancement has already introduced smart lights. Being a cheap yet functional device, smart bulbs can be the first gadget to turn your house into a smart one.

Being a popular option for smart home lighting, there are a great number of models available. Making the right choice without breaking the budget seems quite difficult, especially for beginners.

Among all the best smart LED light bulbs, we would like you to skip the troublesome quest. You can look into the Sengled Smart LED A19 bulb which promises maximum customer satisfaction.

Let’s make a quick look into the overview to explore what the smart bulb has to offer.

Sengled Smart LED bulbs Product Overview


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You can easily attain more than just lighting up your living house. The soft white output induces a relaxing illumination of places. Creating 800 lumens, the output measures about 60W equivalency regarding traditional incandescent bulbs. Despite the top rated smart LED bulb supports no color combination, the energy-efficient light holds perfect for fixtures & lamps. With 2700K temperature, the bulb comes with the standard lighting efficiency from every aspect.

When it comes to smart lighting, the best smart bulb under $50 offers Wi-Fi connectivity & voice control features. The system remains compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant. Using the included hub, you can enjoy a powerful 2.4 GHz connectivity. Getting connected with the Sengled Home App via your smartphone, it becomes easy to personalize the settings. Apart from the hub, the package includes 2 bulb units & one power adapter.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Lighting Package

The package includes 2 specific light units to decor your house. Meanwhile, there comes one hub inclusion to activate voice control. Using the power adapter, no issue regarding power connectivity is likely to take place.

  • Sufficient Lighting Output

With the soft white scene, the smart LED lighting system easily initiates rather comfortable lighting for your place. Of course, you can get optimum protection of your eyesight.

  • Incredible Energy Efficiency

Each bulb is marked to require 9W to generate a 2700K 60W equivalent output of incandescent light. The convenient output results in about an 80% reduction in energy consumption, saving your electricity bill.

  • Powerful Wi-Fi Connectivity

Using the included Smart Hub, you can enjoy a standard 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. Connecting to the smartphone app, you can have a smart maneuvering operation. Being powerful enough, Wi-Fi helps you to control the best smart home bulb easily within the house.

  • Different Modes Activation

Thanks to Sengled Home App, you can activate all the customizing settings. You can pick your favorite widgets & switch to wake up mode or sleep mode. The app permits remote to turn on/off alongside with brightening & dimming facility.

  • Overall Control from Anywhere

Internet connection on the phone keeps the overall control on the hand, no matter wherever you go. For complete control over the top rated smart light bulb, you have to ensure that the bulbs are connected to the hub.

  • Smart Voice Control System

Making voice commands certainly ease the maneuvering. The bulb is compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, permitting a wide range of device suitability regarding voice recognition.

  • Personalized Scene/Routine

Through the best smart LED light under $50, you can create specific schedules to get personalized scenes. Also, making a routine will help you to attain a certain brightness/dimming to help you with your daily life.


✔ Outstanding soft lighting for indoor.

✔ Standard 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.

✔ Reasonable control using the App.

✔ Maneuvering with voice commands.

✔ Scheduling for scenes & routines.

✔ Compatible with physical switches.


⨯ No color option is available.

⨯ Only suitable for indoor use.

⨯ Incompatible with Siri/HomeKit.



Smart bulbs can introduce a whole new way of illuminating your house. And this best smart light bulb can meet all your basic requirements. Using custom scene & routine, you can obviously maintain a smarter home life. Although the limitations are somewhat considerable, you can settle down with its amazing functionality & performance. Being an affordable choice, the bulb holds perfectly serviceable for long enough against your investment.

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