Schlage Z-Wave Lock Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm


The old locking mechanism may not hold good against pickups/breakage but is still out there guarding your front door. Having a smart lock can introduce next-level security for your front entrance, saving your possession & beloved ones.

Since its release, smart locks are getting popularity, thanks to their maximum-security provision with technical features. There are now a sufficient number of models available to get you confused while choosing the gear.

To ensure optimum security, you have to invest in the best smart door lock. And few options can match or outrun the functionality of the Schlage Z-Wave locking system.

Let’s explore the overview to find out what the lock has in its store to guard your door.

Schlage Z-Wave Lock Product Overview

Schlage Z-Wave Lock

With the highest residential rating, Schlage Z-Wave Lock perfectly combines the most important features in one unit. The battery-operated smart door lock easily fits most of the standard door preps. you can have keyless access to lock/unlock your door as it Features a modern touchscreen with a sleek profile.

With the fingerprint-resistant design, the touchscreen keeps tracking the unlocking numbers indetectable over repeated use. You can store about 30 personalized codes at a time to initiate optimum security against intruders.

Using Schlage Z-Wave Lock, you can connect the best smart lock under $300 to the home automation & activate remote locking/unlocking.

The operation remains easy, thanks to thumb turning interior & locking cylindrical exterior. The integrated alarm comes with 3 particular setting options. Purchasing an additional hub, you can initiate voice control through Alexa.

Features & Benefits

  • Camelot Style, Excellent Finish

The outstanding blend of high-quality material with feature combo results in an excellent finish. Through the unique Camelot-styled designation, the overall appearance obviously suits a smart lock.

  • Satisfactory Battery Support

Being battery-powered, the smart home lock requires 4 AA alkaline batteries to keep functioning. Without any power cord or electricity, the system works fine even during a blackout. There comes a yellow-indicator to alert upon low battery charge.

  • Responsive Keyless Operation

The most incredible functionality comes with the integrated touchscreen keypad. Designed to ensure maximum response in the minimum time frame, it saves you the locking/unlocking hassle. Enabling a keyless operation, it eliminates the issues with conventional locks.

  • Maximum Protection of Number

The matte finish imparts superb protection against common smudges & fingerprints. Being resistive, the durable screen prohibits the possible detection of your fingerprints on the top rated smart lock pad. Therefore, the specified number combination remains secure over repeated use.

  • Convenient User Code Storage

It’s obviously important to change the combination from time to time. You can store up to 30 particularly personalized codes at a time. With maximized security, the lock becomes almost impossible to break tracking the specific code.

  • Integrated Alarm Customization

Featuring an alarm integration, the best smart front door lock can immediately alert you. There come 3 possible settings to set the alarm which can provide loud noise following any unexpected incident.

  • Perfect Z-Wave Connectivity

Thanks to the Z-Wave technology, you can initiate the smart house idea by connecting the lock with your existing home automation. It induces superior performance regarding overall control. You can remotely customize everything through the web/smartphone app.

  • Activation of Voice Control

Patching with an additional hub & one Alexa device, you can activate voice control for a top-rated smart lock under $300. With voice commands, you can enjoy the unparalleled smartness of modern devices with no-hand operation.


✔ Perfect fitting for standard door prep.

✔ Durable matte-finished touchscreen.

✔ Sufficient storage for 30 user codes.

✔ Connectivity to the home automation.

✔ Satin nickel exterior for Camelot style.

✔ Customization for the built-in alarm.


⨯ Poor functionality in humid weather.

⨯ Requires frequent battery change.

⨯ No inclusion of hub/Alexa device.

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The overall functionality is still capable of handling most of the apartment/home doors, despite its certain limitations. With the basic features combined perfectly, your entrance will remain secured from top to bottom against possible intrusion.

Though the smart door lock system seems to require a high initial investment, you have to prioritize the security of your possessions. And that’s where this particular lock comes with incredible serviceability & performance.