Ring Stick Up Cam Elite Power over Ethernet HD Security Camera with Two-Way Talk, Works with Alexa


Amazon knows that security is no joke. With that in mind, Amazon has the best security camera lined up to hit the markets very soon. It is a smart security camera and is compatible with Alexa. You can use your phone, tablet, or Echo smart speakers to control it wirelessly. Imagine you can check up on your dog from your office. That is one more daily headache relieved. The Ring Stick Up Cam Elite is truly the best smart camera in the market right now.

The days of traditional security cameras are over. New and improved smart security cameras come to the market at an alarming rate. This means trouble for customers because they do not know which brand to trust and which brand to avoid. Amazon’s smart products are gaining market share very quickly due to its superior quality. They have the trust of their customers, and they are not let down.

Let us explore the overall features and construction of the Ring Stick Up Smart Camera.

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite Power Product Overview


Ring Stick Up Cam Elite Power over Ethernet HD Security Camera

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The Ring Stick Up is an HD security camera that can be placed on any flat surface. Whether it is a wall or a diagonal surface, the Cam can stick to it. It has motion-activated sensors. This means if something moves in its line of sight, you will get a notification immediately. Do not worry; you can turn down the notifications if you place it in an environment where something is moving all the time.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is designed to give you peace of mind no matter the atmosphere you put it in. It is, of course, waterproof and works just as fine in the rain. It can resist the sun and the rain equally well. It does not matter what the weather is like outside because it will give you peace of mind in the inside.

You can create a Ring of Security by connecting all Ring devices in your household in the Ring app. You can control your entire home’s security using your phone, tablet, or Echo smart speaker from the Ring app. The Ring app displays everything all of your Ring smart cameras see. You can even record everything the cameras see using a paid service that Ring provides. They charge $3 per device or just $10 for an entire household.

Features & Benefits

  • Powered by Ethernet

The Ring Stick Up Cam Elite does not require a separate power source or batteries. It is powered by the ethernet cable that connects it to the internet. This ensures a nonstop power connection and is way more reliable than traditional electric cables. As it is powered by the Ethernet, it requires a high-speed internet connection to function.

  • Outstanding video quality

The camera displays a mesmerizing quality of 1080p HD. It displays a live view and has no lag. It means you will see whatever that is happening in front of the camera at the exact moment. The camera also has night vision, so even in the dark, you will see everything in the camera’s vision clearly. The field of view of the camera is 150 degrees horizontally and 85 degrees vertically.

  • Total control using Ring of Security

All Ring Stick Up cameras can be connected to Alexa and selected Echo devices. You can use this to secure your home even more. When the camera’s motion zone is triggered, your Echo device will light up, and Alexa will warn you. The camera also features a two-way talk feature. You can use the Echo Show or Echo Spot to see, hear, and speak to anyone in front of the camera.

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  • The camera works with Alexa and Amazon Echo devices.
  • It is powered by the Ethernet port with an Ethernet adapter provided with the camera.
  • It has a better field of view than most smart security cameras.
  • 1-year warranty and services included.


  • The recording service of the camera is not free.
  • It requires a reliable high-speed internet connection.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the dimensions of the product?

Answer: The Ring Stick Up Camera Elite has dimensions of 2.36” x 2.36” x 3.82”.

Question: Can I record video using the camera?

Answer: You can record using a paid service provided by Ring.

Question: How do I get the live view of the camera’s field of view?

Answer: You can get a live view using the Ring app. You need to download it in your phone.


Smart security cameras may be difficult to use for many non-tech people. Thankfully, the Ring Stick Up Cam Elite is very user-friendly and simple to operate. The Ring app has a user-friendly interface, as well. Overall, this is the best smart camera you can buy right now. Security is a very serious issue, and you must not make any compromises when it comes to it. So, get the best right now and avoid regrets in the future.


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