Ring Alarm 14 Piece Kit Review for 2021


Many of us use many types of upgraded devices for the security purpose of our homes. There are many products like the electric lock, CCTV system, motion detector, etc. Suppose you have to go out on an urgent task, and someone is calling your doorbell necessarily or unnecessarily repeatedly. So, what will you do then?

Now we are going to tell you about such a smart device set of Ring Company, by which you will able to inform who is come in front of your door in the absence of yours. You will also be able to video chat with his/her on your Smartphone with a push notification or talk with him easily with this awesome security kit.

Best Ring Alarm Product review:

Ring Alarm 14-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa

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as of July 18, 2021 5:05 pm


  • A great fit for 2-4 bedroom homes, this kit includes one base station, two keypads, eight contact sensors, two motion detectors, and one range extender.
  • Put whole-home security at your fingertips with Ring Alarm, a do-it-yourself alarm system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring for $10/month.
  • Includes a more intuitive keypad with emergency buttons and smaller contact sensors to seamlessly blend into your home.
  • Receive mobile notifications when your system is triggered, change your Alarm modes, and monitor all your Ring devices all through the Ring app.
  • Choose the Ring Alarm kit that fits your needs and add additional components and accessories at any time.

Ring alarm 14-piece kit offers you a combo set of some other functional devices. Such as base station -1 piece, contact sensors-8 pieces, motion detectors-2 pieces, keypads -2 pieces, and range extender-1 pieces. You have to buy a new echo device to get the action of arming and disarming from the Ring alarm.

However, this device is very easy to install and operate. You will be able to monitor your whole home security for twenty-four hours only by your fingerprint. You also can modify the Ring alarm action if you wish. This device set will give you all the essential services you needed from a smart and upgraded alarm system.


  1. Security provider

If someone walks in front of your home or office door and press on your doorbell, the picture and video of that person will come to your Smartphone. Not only that, even if no one presses the calling bell but stands or passes away in front of the door, the doorbell will send the video of that person to your Smartphone display through an automatic sensor.

  1. Alexa co-operation 

Alexa Integration is available for this device. Though you can set a voice alarm by using your voice for arming or disarming option that activates or deactivates of Ring Alarm, you have to turn on Alexa Apps along with Ring Alarm. If an echo device is set with Ring Alarm, Alexa can send you any emergency notification by detecting any smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking sound, etc.

  1. Quick setting and installation procedure:

The procedure and installation procedure for the Ring alarm are much more comfortable.

  1. Can integrate with other Ring products:

The device is featured to work with all other Ring products like Ring Video Doorbells, Ring Security Cams, and Ring Smart Lights, etc.

  1. Motion detector:

Ring alarm is capable of acting as a motion detector. If someone with a PIR motion detector tries to break your door or walk in front of the door, you will get a notification on your mobile.

  1. Connectivity:

This alarm device can smoothly connect with any type of internet connection. You can join this device with your cellular network via Wi-Fi or via any other cellular network connection.

  1. Flexible operating system:

Ring Alarm supports the Android and IOS operating systems. This will help you to obtain huge benefits by using your Smartphone.


  1. Can monitor professionally.
  2. Not so expensive.
  3. It is a Smart device under 300.
  4. The installation procedure is easy.


  1. Entry-level home security device.
  2. It can’t integrate with another smart home device.
  3. The ring Alarm system can be hack easily.

Final verdict:

We are passing through a technology-dependent time, we are so upgraded today. We are using so much technology in everything in our regular life.

So, we should also confirm the security of our living place in the proper way. Ring alarm is such a smart device that can use to make your home more secure than previous.

Set the top-rated Ring alarm kit device into your home and enjoy a relaxed life.