Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb

Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb


The idea of having a smart house is difficult to attain as a whole costly package. Rather, you may think of getting something affordable yet effective to make a good start.

Almost everything is getting smarter & there are plenty of choices within your reach regarding the right smart home device. Among numerous options, introducing a smart light bulb is likely to hold perfect.

With lots of models, picking up the ultimate one seems difficult. But you are guaranteed to receive the optimum satisfaction with Philips Hue single Premium A19 Smart Bulb.

Being affordable, the best smart light bulb remains at the forefront of customer preference since its arrival.

Let’s take a quick overview to explore what it’s got in its store.

Philips Smart Bulb Product Overview

Offering both white & colored output, the light allows you to create the right scene inside the house. In fact, you can make your choice to get the preferred lighting color from 16 million options. There come 50000 shades of white which you can use to relax or focus without any thought. Simple installation requires screwing to the desired location & connecting to the Hue smartphone app.

Activation of voice control initiates completely hand-free operation which requires an additional Hub purchase. The dimmable light holds compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit & Google Assistant. You can pair the top rated smart light bulb to the existing home automation for further efficiency regarding it’s maneuvering. Connecting to Philips Hue Bridge will unleash an incredible number of possibilities at once.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly Durable Service

The best smart bulb for home simply stands to serve your home smartness for a good number of years against its value. With smooth control, the design withstands all the rigors a bulb is likely to experience.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Rated as 10W, incredible reduction in energy consumption prevails without compromising the brightness. It obviously saves your electricity bill apart from providing a lot of custom scenes.

  • Limitless Color Options

Speaking of the scenes, there are 50000 shades of white you will receive to attain the right intensity. Also, 16 million choices for colorful lighting which makes the count almost limitless. It permits anything you would want to light up your smart home. You can easily explore the colors with in-app guidance.

  • Easy Maneuvering Facility

The overall combination of colors, dim or everything you will get come with simple maneuvering. You won’t need any professional help thanks to its step-by-step installation & operation guidance.

  • Voice Control System

Being a smart gadget, voice activation makes it much simpler to control the entire operation. The top rated smart bulb system is compatible with three of the most common voice assistants – Alexa, HomeKit & Google Assistant. You’ll need is to purchase a compatible hub to activate voice control.

  • Useful App Connectivity

Through in-app connectivity, it requires almost no hand involvement while getting the right color. In fact, you can set everything with a number of clicks on the smartphone.

  • Further Device Control

Using the Hue app, you can control other smart lights including ceiling fan lights, table lamps, pendant lights, floor lamps & many more. Therefore, easy & smart control becomes possible for all the gadgets at once without wasting time.

  • Numerous Additional Features

Connecting to Philips Hue Bridge will allow you to explore all the possibilities with the bulb. Apart from voice activation, the system permits you to set alarms, waking up brightness & gaming lights. You can even switch the cool/warm mode to enjoy optimum focus/relaxation.

  • Simple Installation & Care

Just screw the best smart light bulb under $50 to the specified location, connect to the Hue app & start creating your custom scene. The high-quality bulb remains fully functional against little maintenance.


✔ White & color lighting output.

✔ Smart voice control system.

✔ Almost limitless 16 million options.

✔ Smart accessory compatibility.

✔ Pairing with home automation.

✔ Reduced consumption of energy.


⨯ Additional purchase requirement.

⨯ No multiple unit package.


From the beginning, Philips Hue remains one of the best sellers when it comes to a smart bulb. The limitations are quite minor which barely affect the functionality or overall performance. Complete smartness in terms of efficiency, control & customization prevails with the best smart home bulb under $50 here. Being an affordable choice, only a few ones can provide such outstanding quality & smartness without cutting your pocket.

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