Nebula Soundbar – Fire TV Edition


Being a digital media player, Fire TV provides online streaming of digital audio/video content. The versatile network appliance also permits the user to play video games using a compatible app or game controller. The introduction of Fire TV to smart consumers is quite recent & tech giants are in competition to provide further development.

The company, Anker just joined Amazon to put a Fire TV into a perfect soundbar, with Anker’s Nebula branding. In fact, Nebula Soundbar – Fire TV Edition is designed to cover the markets of US, Europe & Japan. Therefore, you can enjoy a Fire TV interface that comes with the ability to stream 4K Ultra HD & Alexa support.

Product Overview

4K HDR Support, 2.1 Channel, Built-In Subwoofers, Alexa Built-In

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The Fire TV experience gets combined with a powerful 2.1 built-in channel cinematic sound. The integration of 2 subwoofers & 2 speakers easily creates a mind-blowing 100W quality & clear sound. With the exclusive Bass-Up technology, the functionality of subwoofers gets increased which results in intensely low frequency. Therefore, you can put extra power for the cinematic audio to get closer to those explosive scenes. Optimized entertainment is a guarantee with the Movie mode to have an extraordinary experience with the Best Nebula Soundbar. All you need is to choose from 50000 movies or TV shows from online streaming networks.

The accessibility to high-definition pictures for your anticipated shows remains at its best. You can go for HDR, Dolby Vision & HDR10+ streaming alongside the standard 60 fps 4K Ultra HD. The microconsole remote control supports Alexa integration that activates overall maneuvering using your voice. Multiple connectivity induces captivating performance to the Best Fire TV Soundbar. In fact, it is compatible with HDMI, USB, Aux & even Digital Optical.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Fire TV Package

Being a complete package, you will receive a mounting bracket & starter guide regarding the installation. The soundbar comes with 1.5m long power cord along with one HDMI to access the source. With the audio cable & optical cable, you can connect the TV with other suitable sources. Meanwhile, the remote control features 2 included AAA batteries for immediate navigation.

  • Efficient Sound Quality

Providing a preliminary SPL of 105 dB, the acoustic package offers a powerful 2.1 channel sound. The Top Rated Soundbar features 2 30W subwoofers & 2 20W speakers to work with the integrated dual Bass-Up technology. Overall 100W output induces incredibly clear audible sound. Not to mention, the Bass-Up initiates a lower intensity for the generated frequency to enhance the real-time audio power.

  • Incredible Audio Customization

You won’t just get amazing sound quality, but outstanding adjustability for the audio as well. There come 3 particular EQ settings for an enjoyable movie time – Voice, Music & Movie The default EQ is Movie which arguably provides the best audio performance. You can simply adjust the Bass, Treble & Surround, allowing you to customize further for attending the right sound quality.

  • Versatile Connectivity

Regarding a wireless connectivity, the Best Nebula Fire TV Soundbar supports Wi-Fi 802.11 & Bluetooth 4.2 version. The design is compatible for 5 common & smart source modes – FTV (default), Optic, Arc, BT & Aux. Though the included USB – A port holds functional for factory upgrades only, the feature imparts further technical support. The best integration comes with Alexa support which enables you to control every setting through voice commands.

  • Endless Channel Support

With a breathtaking quality of live streaming, 4K HDR compatibility takes your entertainment to a newer level of satisfaction. In fact, 60 fps 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR & HDR10+ functionality gives a better & bigger experience. The built-in system allows you to make the choice from 50000 movies & TV shows. You simply need to turn on the screen & select the favorites from the preferred streaming channel.

4K HDR Support, 2.1 Channel, Built-In Subwoofers, Alexa Built-In

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  • Outstanding functionality & decorative design.
  • Quite clear & reasonably powerful audio quality.
  • Featured adjustability eases customization.
  • Alexa compatibility permits voice control.
  • Easy installation & maneuvering with guide.


  • 4K streaming requires 4K TV installation.
  • Subscription fees for channel may apply.



Though the Alexa Compatible Nebula Soundbar comes with a slightly higher charge, the overall construction & functionality is worth it. Both Amazon & Anker are well-established companies with reliable technical devices. So, you can go for a smart upgrade to enjoy your favorite on-screen plays through the Best Soundbar Under $250. The incredible customizing facility, bassier sound & Ultra HD pictures – you can obviously have a decent time before this ergonomic technical equipment.


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