Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link


Perfect smart home comprised of the appropriate functionality of all the smart devices altogether. Almost every smart gadget comes with its own specific controlling & monitoring facility. The problem arises when you have a good number of smart devices installed in the house.

You’ll have to go through lots of trouble to make customization of the devices separately. That’s where the best smart plug comes in, allowing you to control, customize & even monitor all at once.

There are now considerable choices in the market within your reach. Among all the top rated smart plugs, you should look into Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug by TP-Link. It promises supreme functionality regarding your control over the smart house.

Let’s have a quick look into the overview to know what the device has in its store.

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Product Overview

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link

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Using the smart Wi-Fi plug, you can smartly control your house lighting & essential services. The small yet functional device easily plugs into almost all standard wall outlets. Supporting up to 15 Amp-powered appliances, the plug is compatible with most of the budget-friendly devices. This model allows you to create a personalized schedule for different smart appliances inside the house.

The top rated smart plug requires an existing Wi-Fi network to activate the 2.4GHZ wireless connectivity. An effective management of devices leads to reduced energy consumption while you’re away. The built-in button requires a single press to initiate your specified controlling command. Thanks to the Android & iOS compatibility, the Kasa app allows you to control from anywhere. Completely hand-free operation is possible using the Alexa, Assistant & Cortana compatible voice control.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient Design & Size

The overall hardware design gives great decor for the outlet. But the size is still convenient, despite being somewhat larger than traditional ones. The plug provides superb connectivity for compatible devices.

  • Maximum 15A Support

The best smart plug under $100 can support electronic devices requiring a maximum of 15 Amp power. Therefore, it is suitable for most common & small-sized smart devices available on the market.

  • 2-Way Wi-Fi Connectivity

Featuring 2.4 GHz wireless module, the device requires an existing Wi-Fi network. The connectivity can deliver a two-way communication system. You’ll have real-time status along with device control.

  • Complete Management

Through the integrated system, it becomes possible to patch & therefore, control multiple devices. You can create personalized schedules for individual ones to initiate the smooth management of smart appliances.

  • Lower Energy Consumption

Thanks to the schedule implementation, all the devices get turn on/off without running unnecessarily. Using the smartphone app, complete maneuvering of every device is possible even if you’re far from home. The best smart home plug saves a considerable amount of energy & cuts your electricity bill.

  • User-Friendly App Interface

Obviously, the Kasa app keeps control of the smart appliances in the hand. Being Android & iOS compatible, using the app seems perfectly suitable for the majority of smartphones.

  • Remote Accessibility

Remote access is important regarding any mistaken turn on for any energy-consuming device. Through Wi-Fi as well as in-app settings, you can easily deal with these issues at once.

  • Voice Control without Hub

Maximized voice control prevails with this top rated smart Wi-Fi plug. The integrated voice recognition is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Microsoft Cortana. The best part is, no extra hub is required to activate the voice control.

  • Temporal Storage of Settings

Relocating the plug to have better wireless connectivity requires unplugging. Without giving a second thought about the customization, you can go for it. The system retains the preset settings through a temporal storage mechanism.

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✔ Simple plugging into wall outlets.

✔ Customized schedule for devices.

✔ Minimized energy consumption.

✔ Automated timer countdown facility.

✔ One app to control all appliances.

✔ No additional hub requirement.


⨯ Energy monitoring isn’t possible.

⨯ The status LED is always on.


Managing all smart devices using the right plug can induce actual smartness in your life. Not a lot of options come with satisfactory device compatibility, complete control & fair interface. With the best smart plug under $100, you’ll get all in one unit against the affordable price tag. You can save the pocket & lifespan of the devices by running all those on your preferred schedule.

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