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Portable devices are always on top of our favorite list. Especially, when we get tired of big size devices, portable mini devices brings variety. Not to mention, a mini screened device is one of the most common ones among all. With a device like that, you can enjoy watching movies or videos more comfortably at any place, any time. If you are about to purchase a mini screen device, then have a look at the brand new Echo Show 8 smart display device presented by Amazon. This device is made with all outstanding features to amuse the customers with great quality and service.

Echo Show 8 Product Overview

Introducing Echo Show 8

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Echo Show 8 is a smart home control device that has multiple uses. Basically, this is the upgraded version of the Echo Show 5. Along with a stylish look, this small device has so many good qualities that are super impressive. The great sound quality and full HD screen are sure to amaze you with a better experience. Besides, this small device can control all the smart devices of your home. Echo Show 8 is now a must-have device for those who have a smart home system and wish to enjoy the technology on it’s fullest. This portable device comes with a power adapter and a quick start guide to help you start the device with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • Full HD Screen: The 10.1” touch screen provides full HD pictures and video which is really impressive.
  • Voice Control System: The voice command system with ‘Alexa’ is very interesting. No doubt, this facility makes the device easy to control. You just have to say what you want to see, listen and even do on the device addressing it as ‘Alexa’ the device will follow your command without any trouble. For example, say ‘Alexa, play a song’ the device will play a song for you.
  • High-quality Audio: The audio quality of the device is highly appraisable. The neodymium speakers have a passive bass radiator to improve the sound quality remarkably.
  • Smart Home Control: With this device, you can control other smart devices including your security camera and the entire smart home system. The best thing is, it can work with your voice command.
  • Great for Communication: Communicate with your friends and family through video and audio calling options of this amazing smart device.
  • Control Button Options: Along with voice control and touch screen the device features some control buttons on the top. Here you can find some camera shutter, sound control, and mic stutter buttons on the top of the device.
  • Security Concerned: The device promises to take the best care of your privacy. With the camera shutter button, you can turn the camera off whenever you want. Voice recording delete options are also included for better security.


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  • Voice control facility with Alexa
  • Multiple users on a variety of smart devices
  • Designed to protect customer’s privacy
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Comes with a quick start guide
  • Budget-friendly device
  • Has access to Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy and enjoyable to use
  • Classy and standard design


  • Contacting with water can damage the device
  • The display isn’t scratch-proof or break-proof
  • Comes in only 2 colors


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can the device work without an internet connection?

Answer: No, to start and use the device you must have an internet connection.

Question: Is the device heat and water resistance?

Answer: No, it’s better to keep it out of the water and heat contact.

Question: Does it have youtube app?

Answer: No, but the browser can help you have access to various apps including youtube.

Question: Can I connect the security camera with the device?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can. In fact, this is one of the significant use of the device.

Question: How to set the device?

Answer: There is a quick start manual to understand the setting of the device.



With this all-new Echo Show 8 smart device, now you can have controll on your smart home system without any trouble. Echo Show 8 is the best smart assistant device you could ever have. Because it follows all your commands exactly the way you want and tries it’s best to satisfy you with better vision and great quality.

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