Introducing Echo Frames – Eyeglasses with Alexa


Smart wearable eyeglasses induce a seamless blend of visions between the real & virtual world. The smart gadget is the result of attempts to imaging & wireless connectivity into eye-wearing lenses.

The main functionality basically combines display, accelerometer & sensors. Being in its early development stages, there’s still a lot more to come for smartening the eyeglasses.

Although Google was the first one to launch, currently Amazon introduces a budget-friendly frame. In fact, the Echo Frames with Alexa is rather comfortable to wear without being geeky.

The overall performance with Amazon’s smart glasses is satisfactory, considering its price. Despite its technical features, there are some certain issues for which you’ll have to settle down for now.

Let’s check out the overview of Echo Frames at a glance right below.

Eyeglasses with Alexa Product Overview

Introducing Echo Frames - Eyeglasses with Alexa

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Though the best smart eye-wearing frame is loaded with technical features, it comes without additional weight. Being compatible with most prescription lenses, the lightweight frame is built for all-day wearing. With a thoughtful design, the frame directs the important sounds to the ears. Discreet accessibility for Alexa enables you to hear the virtual world without blocking the real one around you.

Not to mention, using Alexa regularly can optimize battery life. Without any distracting camera or display, your movement stays in line. Through the featured VIP filer, the top rated smart eyeglasses customize the notifications from apps & contacts. The integrated microphone responds only to the user’s voice, ensuring privacy protection. And for further convenience, the glasses respond to Goggle Assistant for compatible devices.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Design

Unlike awkward shaping to fit into the techs, Echo Glass comes is an almost general shape. The basic visible difference lies only at the joint of frame & temple tip. With black aesthetics & sleek profile, the design looks incredible on your face.

Pleasant Wearing

Apart from the design, there’s nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to wearing weight. Weighing about 31 grams only, you can enjoy a comfortable wearing like a regular one. And the best wearable eyeglasses are pretty durable with TR-90, titanium & carbon fiber.

Open-Ear Technique

Fitted with Amazon’s unique open-ear technology, the frame directs the sound particularly towards your ears. Therefore, you can hear the crisp sound without blocking the surrounding reality. No necessary to cover your ears in a crowd to access voice control.

No Camera/Display

Having a camera with smart eyewear glasses can both serve in positive & negative ways. For now, Amazon focused on customer satisfaction without any camera integration. Your outdoor movement keeps in line with no distracting video or moments from the virtual world.

Alexa Compatibility

One characteristic of smart gadgets is a hands-free operation or voice control. Likewise, Amazon integrated its well-known Alexa to enable online access anytime. Not to mention, you can use Google Assistant from compatible devices.

Protected Privacy

There comes one microphone with superb protection of your privacy. The affordable smart eyeglasses are specifically programmed to respond to the user’s voice only. You can turn it on/off whenever you want using the double-press button.

Prescribed Lenses

Making your eyesight 20/20 using prescribed lenses may seem difficult with smart ones. Although the frame comes without prescription lenses, you can add yours later. All you need is to contact eyewear pros to get the fitting glasses.

Convenient Control

The temple tips of the best smart eyewear frame are adjustable to fit perfectly with your facial shape. Using the touchpad & LED status, you’ll know about the activated technical features. The featured VIP filter lets you know about the important notifications from apps & contacts.

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  • Comfortable, lightweight wearing.
  • 4 speakers for open-ear hearing.
  • Dual-press action, adjustable tips.
  • VIP filtration for thoughtful design.
  • Touch-pad with LED status light.
  • Sweat & water splash resistance.


  • Currently incompatible with iOS.
  • Longer streaming drains battery.



Even the best smart glasses have still a lot to develop & you’ll certainly have better features in the near future. Until then, it is the best one you can have on the eyes at a reasonable price. The best smart glasses under $200 got the basic features perfectly combined to introduce a ubiquitous computer. With black aesthetics, you can put the prescribed lenses to see & enjoy both worlds at once.

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