Ecoobee 3 Smarter Wi-Fi thermostat


A thermostat is a device that directly or indirectly controls one or more heat source and cold source to maintain the required temperature. As we are habituated with various smart gadgets in our regular life, most of us are familiar with the term thermostat. A thermostat senses the colder or warmer weather into your home and will confirm the delivery of enough heating or cooling weather to make the inside environment comfortable.

Ecoobee 3 Smarter Wi-Fi thermostat is the best selling and top rated thermostat of nowadays. This device not only makes sure your comfort level in your home. Besides, this device will deliver you a better home device with maximum controls, savings, and effectiveness.

Ecoobee 3 Smarter Wi-Fi thermostat Product overview:

ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor,

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Ecoobee 3 device offers you a Wi-Fi facility with an inbuilt remote sensor system. It has a 3.5″ LCD digital screen touch play with a 110 volts battery, which can give you a 35000 hours long-lasting service. This device offers you an easier programming and installing system. This device can deliver the required temperature into your room at your presence or absence. It can support you to save a huge amount of energy and cost and finally can help you to achieve an environmental friendly weather.

Ecoobee provides you one free remote sensor to measure the room occupancy and temperature needs. You can buy more 32 sensors additionally and can confirm extreme comfort environments according to your needs.

Feature and details:

  1. Voice controller:

You can control your Ecoobee with your voice. This smart device can work with Alexa; you can buy Alexa separately and can set incorporated with your Ecoobee.

  1. Smart device:

It is a top rated smart thermostat device with a digital touch screen. An Ecoobee tool is featured to calculate your home’s energy profile with an outsider weather ratio. This device can automatically set your heating device or cooling device on or off, whatever is required for you.

  1. Automated controlling:

Whether you are going through a party with your friends at your home or you are in a vacation, you don’t have to think manually operating this device repeatedly. This device can understand when you are present at your home when you are not. Based on your room occupancy, this smart device can deliver a perfect comfort level for you.

Besides this, while you are staying outside from your home, this device will automatically stop delivering any heating or cooling service into your home.

  1. Cost saver:

It is the best smart thermostat under 200. An Ecoobee thermostat can keep your energy during your absence in your home. So, if you set this thermostat at your home, you will able to save on an around 23% electric bill annually.

  1. Offer varieties user-friendly Ecoobee Apps:

Like other competitors, Ecoobee also contains some such user-friendly in-built apps, by which you will able to control your room condition from anywhere in the world.

  1. Geofencing facility:

Smart Ecoobee can track your location through your android phone. Besides this, it can set your device system in such a way you will easily able to control your room temperature from anywhere in the world.

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  • 23% Energy saver.
  • Can works with Alexa.
  • Works by remote control.
  • Has LCD touch screen.
  • Can operate through any Android phone.
  • Support the HVAC system.
  • Offer a PEK kit (power extender kit).
  • Offer three years warranty.


  • Don’t have any inbuilt Alexa support.


Unlike any other ordinary thermostat, Ecoobee 3 not only reads the temperature of your room, it also delivers the required warmth into your home too. So, comparing with any other thermostat device available in the market, you can undoubtedly select this device. This device will provide you a trusted and reliable smart service within your capacity and choice.

So, bring the most attractive and functional smart thermostat into your home and start to enjoy a comfortable weather.

Thank you.

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