Echo Glow – Multicolor Smart Lamp for Kids


There are many smart LED bulbs & lamps on the availability of smart home living. When you’re about to move to the kids’ room, you know normal smart LED’s are not going to work here. You will need something more childlike to keep the light for entertainment & to some extent, inaugural learning.

Recently, Amazon has introduced a good number of smart devices among which Echo Glow is particularly developed for kids. The Echo Glow Multicolor Smart Lamp is designed to serve as one basic & rather straightforward lighting unit. With great functionality & a combination of features, the Best Smart Lamp Under $50 holds perfect for your kids.

Multicolor Smart Lamp Product Overview

Echo Glow - Multicolor Smart Lamp for Kids

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The dumbbell-like shape features an outstanding exterior color combination to become his/her favorite. Through simple design & maneuvering, your kid gets introduced to the smart home technology rather well. The tiny Smart Kids Lamp induces high-performing RGB colored LEDs to make an easy fit to the table corner. Whether it’s soft calming glow or bold shaded color – the kid can attain the exact appeal for its space.

Pairing with any Alexa device is possible which enables voice control to adjust the brightness level & color intensity. The corded frame includes a convenient action button on the rear side to ease your maneuvering. With lighting cues, it makes the kids’ routine quite colorful & amusing. In fact, unlocking the rainbow track helps the kid to maintain & follow the preset routines. Using the freedom of adding more colors for lighting fun, your kid gets to start getting a lesson for making its own customization.

Features & Benefits

  • Visual Rainbow Countdown

The integrated rainbow track induces an outstanding color-changing timer. With preset programs or modes, the color gets changed on daytime to indicate the ongoing & upcoming task. In fact, the rainbow timer acts like one visual reminder or alarm for the kids to keep them on the designed track.

  • Choosing & Creating Modes

The Best Multicolor Smart Lamp for Kids permits brightness & color adjustability for having the exact illumination of its space. The ability to create new modes & color combos provides good learning on making their own appeal. Switching the dynamic modes offer campfire or color flow which can deliver superior fun.

  • Voice Control Using Alexa

Being compatible with Alexa-enabled devices, the functionality of Echo Glow gets to a newer level. Just ask Alexa to create a suitable routine, change the color intensity or adjust the brightness level. Activation of Amazon FreeTime, you can control & monitor the accessibility of your kid to age-appropriate content.

  • Reasonable Wi-Fi Connectivity

Standard 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi allows you to connect & control the overall operation without using your hands. Therefore, complete maneuvering for the Top Rated Echo Glow Smart Kids Lamp becomes easy & simple.  You can control the light using Echo Dot & Echo Plus as well. The connectivity remains quite functional, though the integrated Wi-Fi isn’t compatible with 5G or ad-hoc networks.

  • Certification for Human Use

Through the introduction of Certified for Humans, the lamp ensures maximized output in no time. There comes no struggle, stress or tinker for the installation, operation or even control. In addition, you will find one action button on the rear side. Everything about the certification induces optimum simplicity, smoothness & responsiveness to encourage the fun.

Echo Glow - Multicolor Smart Lamp for Kids

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  • Adjustability for color & brightness.
  • Immediate control through fingertips.
  • Superb design induces suitable shape.
  • Overall control through the Alexa app.
  • 100-lumen white output for RGB LED.


  • Only basic control features.
  • Not suitable for room lighting.


Kids are undeniably fond of new & interesting things. You can bring a nice piece of equipment to have fun with a Smart LED Lamp. The simple unit can’t serve well for lighting a good amount of space, but it has its issue to keep your kid happy. The overall designation focused on reasonable functionality to induce fun time for your beloved little ones. With sufficient functionality & quality construction, Echo Glow Multicolor Smart Lamp is obviously worth the money.

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