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Smart technology is making our daily life more stylish and more enjoyable.  One of the additions to this intelligent technology in our family is the smart speaker.

Instead of the traditional large-sized speakers, they are taking up space in the home or office.  Although lovely and small in shape, the sound quality of these speakers is better than that of any conventional speakers.  Today’s smart speakers are not only a speaker; instead of this, they are using to perform a lot of smart home or official performance using Alexa.

There are various types of smart speakers that are present in the market with several useful features. But if you want to buy the best one of them with new features and benefits, you can undoubtedly choose ECHO DOT (3rd Gen) from Amazon.

Smart speaker with Alexa Product Overview:

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone

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Amazon ECHO DOT dominates a maximum portion of the market for voice-controlled speakers.  It is a voice-controlled device, performing all commands through Alexa. This product is specially designed to perform as your virtual assistant, along with replacing other homes smart devices.

You can command this hand-free device across your room, in a rush or noisy situations. Even while playing music, it will catch your command.

Whether to control your room condition or to make a text connection or make a voice calls to people within your network, it’s an excellent device to do so.

Feature & Benefits:

  1. Alexa, fantastic voice controller:

This smart speaker using Alexa, can be played only by voice.  That means the use of hands is unnecessary for this device.

  1. Intelligent home assistant:

This Amazon speaker can direct, or even can call a car through Uber, can order any product from Amazon.  It can easily control other smart home devices.

This speaker will remind you of time, can teach your child, and can even hear the music yourself!

  1. Fabulous Music player:

It’s a fantastic music player to play your preferable music. This device can play music from various music stores such as Amazon, Apple, Pandora, and so on.

  1. Room controller:

This smart speaker can turn off your room lights, fan, AC, etc.  It can also lock or unlock your room. If you want, the intelligent speaker can detect the room temperature and let you inform.

  1. More than an inbuilt speaker:

You can connect this speaker with another speaker with Bluetooth connection or through the cable.

  1. Multiple smart device replacers:

This device can perform to replace several smart home devices.  For example, it can set the alarm, play music or Radio, give question answer, and control your other home smart device.


  • It contains almost 50000 + skills.
  • This Hand-free device can be operated across your room.
  • A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution profile) supporter.
  • Skype calling supporter.
  • Can catch your voice in a noisy environment.


  • It does not support any peer to peer Wi-Fi network.
  • Max OS X device doesn’t support voice control hand-free operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: How can it connect with other speakers?

Answer: Simply by Bluetooth or any audio cable.

Question:  Can it take command from outside the home?

Answer: It can get a response to any command across the home, even in a crowdy condition.

Question: What is the specialty of ECHO DOT over then ECHO?

Answer: Both are computing voice-controlled devices; however, ECHO has an inbuilt speaker, but in the case of ECHO DOT, it has a simple speaker which you can connect to another external speaker with Bluetooth connection or 3.5 mm audio cables.

Question: How does ECHO DOT play Radio?

Answer: All credit goes to basically the TuneIn app and UK Radio Player Skill, they enabled the device to set the Radio playing system. Both of these are present in this device as an inbuilt facility.



Finally, Inspired of having the enormous features and benefits, the price of this device is a little higher. But the smart speaker has such great feedback yet. So you can consider this device to have to replace the conventional speakers as well as some other smart devices, everybody should set it at their own home.

So, don’t late anymore, go and grab this personal home assistance and make your life smoother.

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