Best 5 smart security camera under 200


Having smart security cameras in your house is probably the best way to keep your house secured. These smart cameras come with tons of useful features such as HD live streaming, Cloud storage, and a two-way talking option.

Finding the best smart camera that comes at a price range of under $200 can seem like a tough task as there are a lot of smart cameras in the market and most of them are mediocre.

That is why we have bought and tested some of the well-received smart cameras in the market and compiled a list of Top 5 security cameras under $200.

Comparison Table of Best 5 smart security camera under 200

 Product Ring Spotlight Cam Arlo Cam Ring Video Doorbell 2 Ring Video Doorbell Pro Nest Cam
Video 1080P HD, Live view, night vision 720P HD, night vision 1080p HD Video, Live View , Night Vision 1080p HD Video, Live View , Night Vision 1080P HD, day and night
Field Of View 140° horizontal, 78° vertical 110° 160° horizontal, 90° vertical 160° horizontal, 90° vertical 130°
Motion Detection Basic Motion Detection Adjustable sensitivity Basic Motion Detection Advanced Motion Detection
Internet Requirements 1Mbps, but 2 Mbps is recommended 1Mbps, but 2 Mbps is recommended 1Mbps, but 2 Mbps is recommended
Power Powered by the rechargeable battery pack Battery. Four (4) Lithium CR123 Powered by the removable battery pack or hardwired Hardwired to existing doorbell systems 1 Lithium ion battery required.
Colors Black, white White Satin Nickel, Venetian (all colors included) Satin Nickel, Venetian (all colors included Black


Buying Guide of Best 5 smart security camera under 200

Here are some of the specs and features you must consider before buying a smart security camera:

  • App Compatibility: You should buy a smart surveillance camera that has an app through which you can control the camera’s features. Check whether the app is easy to use and whether it has a good UI.
  • Motion sensors and Notifications: The camera should have a motion detection feature that works properly. It should be able to determine whether a person has entered your property. Some cameras provide false alerts. So try to avoid them.
  • Video Quality: We would suggest that you should buy a camera that has a sharp 1080p HD video quality.


Best 5 smart security camera under 200

We have come with the top rated security camera here. With all the amazing features, all the products are upto the mark. Our list of top 5 security cameras under $200 is given below:


Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo - Wireless Home Security Camera System

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Probably the best thing about this camera is that it is completely wireless. As you know traditional security cameras require wiring and installing them is pretty tough. One the other hand, the Arlo is wire-free and weather-proof and that is why you can mount it anywhere you want by using the magnetic mount that comes with the camera.

This wireless smart camera has 720p HD quality and there is an option to live stream the video feed. The Arlo comes with night vision features that will allow you to see what’s happening even if it is dark.

There is an app that you can install on your phone and connect it to your camera. The app enables you to monitor remotely no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection.

This camera is motion-activated which means if anything moves it will send you an email about the incident. If you have the app installed, then you will also receive app notifications.


  • It is a Wi-Fi smart cloud camera that stores the video in cloud storage.
  • The recording happens only when the camera detects any kind of motion and so, battery power is conserved
  • The camera has a 110-degree field of view
  • This camera can be voice-controlled using Alexa


Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

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The Ring spotlight camera features motion-activated notifications. This means you will get alerts on your smart device which is connected to the camera in case the camera detects anyone entering your property. It also features 1080p HD video streaming (audio is also included).

The installation process is pretty simple and you will be able to customize the motion zones and sensitivity of the motion sensors. The camera requires two batteries and the batteries have enough power to last up to 6 weeks.

The camera has built-in speakers and a microphone. So, you can talk to anyone who is outside the door and even listen to them through your phone. The camera even has a siren that can be remotely activated using your phone.


  • The camera can be voice-controlled through Alexa. You can enable the motion-alert feature through Alexa.
  • You can subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan that allows you to store your videos and even share them for up to 60 days.
  • This camera features night vision
  • The Ring camera comes with a built-in siren and also light-strips


Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, 

Ring Video Doorbell 2

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The Ring video doorbell 2 features 1080p HD video that you can check any time by pressing the “Live View” button from your phone. It features cloud storage, which means the video feed is recorded and stored in Ring storage and you can access it via the Ring app.

If you select someone as a shared user, he/she can also watch the videos too. The camera features motion sensors that work pretty well. It will alert you even before someone is close enough to the doorbell.

This smart home camera system works with Alexa. All you will have to do is connect it to Alexa in order to use voice commands. You can enable notifications through the Alexa app. You can even talk to the person who is standing at the door through your Echo Dot.



  • This device allows you to not only see the person at your front door but also allows you to talk to him/her.
  • The battery pack is rechargeable and removable
  • It comes with a night vision feature
  • The manufacturers will replace your doorbell in case it gets stolen.


Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts,

Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts,

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The ring video doorbell pro has 1080p HD video and also infrared night vision. It comes with a two-way audio system that allows you to talk to the person who is at your door. Its motion sensors are customizable and you will get alerts on the Ring app if anyone comes close to your front door.

You can get alerts on your pc, smartphone or tablet. You can subscribe to the Ring protect basic plan in order to store your videos in the Ring cloud for $3 per month. The Ring doorbell comes with four faceplates of different colors so that you can change them from time to time.

You can set the sensitivity of the motion sensors to only detect people so that, it does not send you alerts if a bird flies by or the flowers in your garden move because of the wind.


  • The Ring doorbell requires power from your doorbell wires. So, you have to hardwire it to your existing wires.
  • It can be connected to Alexa to get announcements to alert you in case someone presses the doorbell.
  • It requires a minimum of 1Mbps upload speed. But we recommend 2Mbps upload speed for better performance.
  • Compatible with android, mac, ios, windows 10.


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What we really liked about the Nest cam is its sleek and stylish design. It features a pivoting neck that can be adjusted for up to 180 degrees. This Google smart camera can be removed from its aluminum base. It can also be mounted to a wall using the mounting plate that comes with the camera.

You will need to download the Nest app on your android or IOS device in order to look at the video feed and to set schedules. The nest cam features infrared night vision, which can be accessed through the app.

There is a schedule option, which only works if you have the Nest Thermostat. It will check the temperature of the room and detect whether you are in the house or not. If you are outside the camera will automatically start recording.


  • You can talk to anyone who is near the camera by using the app.
  • The camera detects all forms of activity and sends alerts to the user.
  • It features 1080p HD live video stream
  • The setup process only involves plugging in the camera and installing the nest app.


Final Verdict

We hope that our list of best 5 security cameras under $200 has helped you in finding the smart camera that is best suited for you. We looked at the features, setup process, and video quality and of course the price of the products to determine which ones are the best.

In our opinion the best smart security camera in our list is the Nest cam. Its features and design blew us away and no other camera even comes close to its quality.

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