August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge Bundle


The very first thing about your home/apartment safety concerns with the front door entrance. And the only thing that you are likely to think all along to keep the main entrance safe is a door lock.

Smart locks open a new gateway of safety securing your front door in comparison to old ones.

With the technical advancement, door locks are getting smarter featuring newer inclusions. There is now a considerable number of best smart door locks available within affordable price tags.

And to avoid investing in some minor-quality lock, you better start taking August Home Smart Lock Pro into consideration. Having useful features & incredible functionality, this best smart door lock offers maximum security.

Let’s find out what the lock has to offer within its reasonable price.

August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro Product Overview

August Home ASL-03 Smart Lock Pro

Not just locking/unlocking standing on the door, you can also monitor the lock from nearly anywhere in the world. August Smart Lock offers keyless access, permitting a quick & hassle-free opening of the door.

In fact, the top rated smart locking system initiate automatic unlock over your approach & locking behind you. Featuring DoorSense, the lock makes sure that your door is perfectly locked & secured.

You can track the 24/7 doorstep activity using the smartphone app. Through the Alexa compatibility, you can introduce smart voice control for main door security.

Incredibly simple DIY installation just requires one standard screwdriver. With retrofit installation, the best smart lock under $250 is compatible with most of the standard single cylinder deadbolts.

Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy Construction

Despite being a tiny construction, the best smart door lock is made with sturdiest materials. The outstanding combo of different materials induces maximum protection against possible pickups or breakage. The construction withstands all the rigors that a door lock likely experiences during its lifetime.

  • Incredible Exterior Design

The amazing silver-colored exterior provides optimum appearance regarding smart locks for smart doors. With cylindrical shape, the design allows maximum ease in installation while enhancing the security of the lock itself.

  • Remote Control & Monitor

Whether you’re at the doorstep or far from the home, you can simply control the system using a few clicks. All you need is a particular app installed on our smartphone to activate the remote control. Using the designated app, you can monitor every incident on the doorstep from anywhere.

  • Automatic Locking/Unlocking

You can reduce hand involvement to a minimum level using this smart door lock. With keyless accessibility, you won’t face any more hassle resulting from conventional lock use. The smart door locking system unlocks automatically on your approach where gets locked by itself when you leave the lock behind.

  • DoorSense Security

Obviously, it’s important to confirm that your door is securely locked over automated response. Featuring DoorSense, the lock initiates further confirmation to ensure that your door is perfectly locked.

  • Complete Activity Tracks

Tracking all the doorstep activities will help you to secure the entrance at the maximum level. Just connect the system to your smartphone & you’ll receive 24/7 activity feed. Therefore, you can track every single person getting in & out of your house.

  • Voice Control Activation

One of the most common features of smart devices is voice control. The pro smart door lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa which offers complete hands-free maneuvering. Though the package doesn’t include the Alexa device, it will certainly ease your operation.

  • Simple, Quick Installation

Thanks to the retrofit installation, the best smart door lock under $250 holds perfect for standard single cylinder deadbolts. Installing the lock will take about 10 minutes only using one simple screwdriver.

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✔ Completely keyless accessibility.

✔ Voice control enabled with Alexa.

✔ Secured locking through DoorSense.

✔ Automatic response over approach.

✔ Consistent tracking of doorstep activity.

✔ Incredibly easy DIY installation.


⨯ Poor, weak Android compatibility.

⨯ Slightly defective auto-lock feature.


No doubt, the best smart locks can offer optimum safety to your beloved ones & expensive possessions. And August Smart Lock Pro is designed to introduce the perfect system against your valuable investment.

The overall system delivers one reliable & smart option to keep your front entrance secured. Despite some limitations, the functionality still holds incredibly well to decor the door with a smart device.