Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System


Traditional security cameras are out there for decades which can simply record the feed & nothing else. Replacing the old ones with a smart system can serve multipurpose functionality to secure your house.

The installation of smart security can induce optimum safety against possible break-ins.

Mentioning security, the very first device to cross the mind has to be a security camera. With advanced technical features, smart cameras perform more than just keeping an eye on your house.

You can watch, monitor, record & even store the incidents using the best security camera system.

Among the top ones, Arlo Wireless Camera System is worth your consideration. Superb functionality at incredibly low price tag is ready to give you the feed from inside/outside.

Let’s check out the overview to get what this system has to offer.


Product Overview


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Whether it’s inside or out, the best wireless camera system under $150 can get you the perfect shot. Easy placement on a suitable position easily covers considerable space, thanks to its 110° viewing field. The all weather-resistant construction provides stunning detail in the HD version.

In fact, you can enjoy remote streaming of live video at a sharp 720p quality.

Being expandable, the top rated security camera system supports up to 5 cameras for increased safety. The built-in night vision camera ensures a secured perimeter at night.

With the integrated motion detector patched to the smartphone app, the camera induces the best sensing performance. Through the app, you’ll receive real-time notifications or emails immediately. Record & alarm are activated following any detection, saving the battery life. An additional installation of a hub can activate Alexa functionality.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely Wireless Design

The patented design comes with 100% wire-free construction. You can easily place the compact camera system in almost any confined areas. It allows the 110° viewing camera to get into the right position for covering the important spaces.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Recording

The best home security camera is built to withstand major weathering agents like moisture, wind, dust. Thus, you can install the camera on open places to secure & monitor the outside as well.

  • High-Quality Video Feed

With 720p recording quality, the camera catches every detail to a stunning extent. Ultimate sharpness of the video ensures maximized clarity for any particular event.

  • Continuous Functionality

Each camera requires 4 Li-ion battery for proper & relentless functioning. With minimum wastage, each battery retains its charge for a long time. Being considerably powerful, all the batteries ensure continuous & uninterrupted security system.

  • Sufficient Night Security

Without night vision, even the top rated security camera system gets blind, at least considering the video recording. There comes night vision functionality which keeps the system alive on dark & late nights.

  • Secured Live Streaming

Patching with the online app, the system allows you to get live feed on your smartphone. Whether it’s break-in/theft or any memorable moment with the family, the camera permits you to get it. You can receive the perfectly captured shot from anywhere in the world.

  • Instant Motion Detector

Through the integrated motion detector, the system initiates supreme sensibility against intrusions. Slightly downward mounting on the wall at a height of 7’ gives the best functionality here.

  • Immediate In-App Response

Following the detection of any unwanted incident, the best home security camera gets alerted. With online connectivity, the system immediately sends its response to the smartphone app. You can either receive real-time emails or push-in notifications.

  • Alexa & Arlo Smart Support

You’ll need to purchase an additional hub to activate the voice control through Alexa. Adding Arlo Smart introduces artificial intelligence to the camera to ensure further security.

check customer reviews and latest price on amazon


✔ Wireless design allows easy placement.

✔ Consistent feed through powerful batteries.

✔ Incredible sensitivity with motion detector.

✔ Secured video streaming at 720p quality.

✔ Arlo app provides basic plan & extension.

✔ Real-time email alerts & push notifications.


⨯Audio recording isn’t supported.

⨯ Limited cloud DVR storage facility.

⨯ Hub requirement for voice control.


There’s no compromise when it comes to secure your home. Having a functional system can save your valuable possessions against a reasonable investment. And this best security camera system under $150 can offer greater performance in comparison to its competitors. Despite the limitations, you can achieve superb security with the subsist features.

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