Amazon Smart Oven reviews for 2020


In modern times, you are likely o get introduced to a considerable number of advanced appliances to the kitchen. Recently, Amazon has launched many outstanding products to catch the market. They obviously have a good reputation for providing some of the smartest appliances. Considering the smart microwave version, Amazon developed one of the best counter top cooking ovens for your kitchen. This is the latest model of smart oven you can choose which just introduced to the customer last year by Amazon.

With the increasing demand over good functionality & customer satisfaction, smart ovens now remain at the forefront. There are preset commands to help you without worrying about the output. All you need is to provide the command with the raw food inside, and the oven will take care of the rest. Despite having a higher price tag, the oven comes with superb functionality all along.

Let’s explore the overall construction & features of the ergonomic kitchen addition.

Smart Oven Product Overview


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The construction comes with sturdy & enduring commercial-grade materials. You will get a perfect blend of different materials for different portions which initiate long-lasting serviceability. The overall framework imparts a considerably high weight measuring 45 pounds over the full assembly. Although the weight is high to move frequently, it reveals the level of strength & sturdiness for sure.

Being a 4 – in – 1 smart kitchen appliance, you will get outstanding multi-functionality in every aspect. Not to say, you will get a convection oven, microwave, air fryer & food warmer. Having a delicious home-cooked meal on the table becomes an easy snap for the kids & elders.

The cavity size has 1.5 cu ft capacity which holds incredibly great to cook for the entire family at once. Whether it’s roasted chicken, frozen vegetables or crispy French fries – you can simply bid adieu to the weeknight takeout.

Featuring a voice-controlled cooking system, you need to command specifically among the 30+ integrated pre-sets. The smart oven is designed to notify when the cooking is done or your meal gets preheated. There are command instructions available thatare to be followed to achieve the best performance. In fact, you should check out the instruction for oven rack & preheat options depending on cooking mode.

Features & Benefits

  •       4 Versatile Means of Cooking

With the multi-functional appliance, you can make the food ready to serve in 4 particular ways. Using the 1.5 cu ft cavity, the smart oven features convection oven, microwave, air fryer & food warmer. So, it comes with a wide range of cooking efficiency to ease your effort & save time for other works. Therefore, you can cook the favorite meal & keep them warm for later serving.

  •       Voice Controlled Performance

With the advancement of technology, more versatility & ergonomics are getting added to various tools. Likewise, the most unique feature of the smart oven is its maneuverability with simple voice commands. There are specified commands for different cooking modes& you should follow the simple instructions included.

  •       Easy & Safe Cooking with Alexa

Being compatible with Echo devices, the smart oven actually initiates the voice commands through Alexa. There are 30+ presets available with the oven & you can choose the exact command regarding your time & cooking mode. The best part comes with the notification where you will get alerted when the cooking gets finished or the oven interior gets preheated.

  •       Incredibly Satisfactory Timing

Humidity & temperature control are of great importance when you want good delicacy for your food. With the highest quality sensor for both internal temperature & humidity, you will get informed about the interior to the attenuating level. Along with one additional temperature probe being detachable, the food gets cooked in your way. There is one trim kit separately available for the oven which can induce a custom appearance.

  •       Certification for Human Use

It is not uncommon that people think of the smart oven suitable only for professionals. Considering the irony, there comes human certification which reveals its suitability even for a beginner/newbie. No struggle & no stress – the main theme of human certification. You won’t have to put a lot of effort to deal with the oven with no patience requirement either. Overall assembly for Alexa is incredibly simple & with time, it only gets better.


  • Sturdy construction results in superior endurance.
  • Keypad tactile marker initiates easy control & monitor.
  • Multi-functional features allow various cooking.
  • Quick & easy assembly requires no special attention.
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphones.
  • 10 particular power levels with 3 specific power rating.


  • Considerably higher weight to move or transport.
  • Requirement of echo device to activate voice-control.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the assembled measurement?

Answer: The complete assembly measures about 21.8” length x 13” height x 21.4” width.

Question: Is it possible to roast a whole chicken?

Answer: Yes, the cavity is large enough to hold a whole chicken.

Question: Does the convection fan produce noise?

Answer: Although the convection fan produces audible sound, it isn’t that noisy.

Question: Do the handle & exterior get heated?

Answer: Not at all. The construction prohibits the heat to get conducted to the exterior portions.

Question: What are the rated powers?

Answer: 1000 W for Microwave, 1400 W for Convection & 1300 W for Warming Elements.

Question: Does the Wi-Fi require setup or automatic?

Answer: Wi-Fi connectivity requires a simple & easy step setup.


Smart ovens are designed to help you with the overall cooking in no time. You can even put the versatile appliance in the dining room while dealing with other stuff. The design is quite stylish to fit with the dining décor in this regard. Being a multi-functional tool, you can cook & therefore, store the kids’ favorite meal. Obviously, getting an echo device will provide further convenience through the voice-control commands. Despite requiring a costly initial investment, the performance & quality will ensure an overall economic purchase.

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