All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera with two-way talk, Works with Alexa


The Ring Stick Up security cameras is the best security smart cameras in the market right now. There are four variations of the camera, and today we are going to look into the solar-powered camera. When you want to put up a camera in your front or back yard, you will not have a power socket outside to power the camera. You can either put up wires on the side of your home to connect a wired camera, or you can buy the solar-powered Ring Stick Up Cam.

The camera we are going to look at today is pretty much self-sufficient. The only accessory that comes with the camera is the solar panel. There is a version of the camera that uses a battery to power itself. The solar version is the battery version of the camera with a solar panel. Since the camera is wireless and has no ethernet port, it connects to your Wi-Fi. The camera features a quick-release battery pack.

Let us take a look at the features and benefits of the Ring Stick Up Solar Camera.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Product Overview

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The Ring Stick Up camera has three mounting positions. You can attach it to the ceiling, the wall, or place it on a flat surface. Before setting up the camera is your desired location, be sure to charge the battery first. An orange power cable will be provided to charge the battery. It takes a while before the battery is fully charged. It is best to keep the charger on overnight and set it up in the morning. After the battery is fully charged, insert it into the camera through the bottom of the camera.

After you have added the battery to the camera, you can mount it where you want to set it up. When it is installed where you want it, you need to set up the solar panel. If you have ordered this camera, it is suggested to set it up near the roof so that the solar panel can be placed nearby. Remember to put the solar panel in a position so that it receives plenty of sunlight.

The camera features a motion sensor that alerts you whenever something is moving in front of the camera. You can use the Ring app to control the motion notifications. For example, if you want notifications only when you are at work, you can set it up accordingly. Using Ring Protect for $3 per month, you can record videos and take photos with the camera as well.


Features & Benefits

  • Coordinates well with Alexa

The Ring Stick Up Solar Cam is compatible with Alexa. It can work with Amazon’s Echo devices to alert you of any lurking danger. When the motion sensor picks up something, it will notify the Echo and Alexa will let you know that something is wrong. You can even order Alexa to bring up the live feed from the camera on any smart devices she is connected with.

  • Outstanding Video Quality

The camera displays a video with a resolution of 1080p HD. It also features night vision, so you are fully protected even in the dark. The field of view is 130 degrees diagonally, 110 degrees horizontally, and 57 degrees vertically. Using the Ring Protect, you can record what the camera sees. This way, you do not need to depend on the live view to keep you safe. For $10 per month, you can use Ring Protect with all Ring Cameras you own.

  • Superior Weather Resistance

The Ring Stick Up Cams are a hundred percent resistant to the weather. It does not matter what the is like outside. As long as the camera is mounted on the wall, it will continue to display what is happening outside. To be more exact, it can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.


All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera with two-way talk, Works with Alexa 1

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  • The camera is fully self-sufficient with the solar panel.
  • A couple of hours of sunlight are enough to keep the camera running for the whole day.
  • It features two-way talk technology with noise cancellation as well.
  • It is compatible with other Amazon devices like the Echo, Fire Tablet, and Fire TV.
  • The camera connects with your Wi-Fi and does not require any cords.


  • The camera requires a constant high-speed internet connection to work.
  • The camera only shows the live view unless you opt to buy the Ring Protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the main difference between the Ring Stick Up solar cam and the Spotlight solar cam?

Answer: It is the same except for the fact that the spotlight cam has a built-in spotlight.

Question: Is the camera durable enough to withstand strong winds?

Answer: As long as the camera does not fall out of the mount, it will continue to display what it sees.

Question: Does the camera run without the solar?

Answer: Yes, the camera has a removable battery inside it, which can be charged externally.


When you want to set up a smart security camera outside your home, the main problem you will face in wiring for the power source. Even if you get wires your camera outside your house, it ruins the look of the wall. The Ring Stick Up Solar Cam solves this problem in two ways. First, it runs using solar. Second, it uses Wi-Fi and does not require ethernet cables. Considering all these, it can easily be considered to be the best smart camera. Get yours now.

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