All-new Kindle Kids Edition – Includes access to thousands of books – Blue Cover


Reading is one of the best hobbies your junior can get into. Only the best smart home device can ensure he/she enjoys his first reading experience. The best in the market right now is none other than the All-new Kindle Kids Edition. Amazon is well known for producing the best quality smart products. The new Kindle Kids Edition is coming out this 30th October, and you do not want to miss out.

Getting your kid in the hobby of reading is tougher than you might think, as most electronic devices offer a lot of distractions while reading. For instance, when ads pop up, it disturbs the chain of thoughts, and the readers lose focus. Children have very small attention spans, so this is a serious problem for young readers. Lucky for us, this is the best Kindle that Amazon is bringing us. It does not allow any ads or videos. Moreover, it does not hold any video games as well. With this smart device in hand, you can rest assured your junior will face no distractions while reading.

Let us dive into the features and other technical details of the All-new Amazon Kindle Kids Edition.

All-new Kindle Kids Edition – Includes access to thousands of books – Blue Cover Overview

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The Kindle Kids Edition comes with an in-built dictionary and Word Wise. Learning new words is always a challenging task. With the built-in Word Wise, your kid will learn new words very fast. It records any new word you look up in the dictionary and adds them to flashcards. Flashcards are well-known vocabulary builders, and, in the Kindle, they will never get lost as real flashcards do.

The Kindle is a 10th generation, which was released in 2019. Which means it can support almost any format you require. The device can store over a thousand books with the on-device storage itself. More specifically, it can hold 8 gigabytes worth of books and audiobooks. Additionally, the Kindle Kids Edition is very light and weighs only 288g, excluding the cover.

The Kindle comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee. This means, if you return it, they will replace it. Amazon knows that kids break things easily, so this guarantee is second layer protection for the Kindle. The first layer of protection is the cover they provide when you buy the Kindle. The cover comes in various attractive color designs. It has magnets to close the cover firmly every time and ensures the screen remains scratch-free.

The whole bundle includes a Kindle, a cover, a 1-year subscription of FreeTime Unlimited, and a two-year worry-free guarantee.

Features & Benefits

  • A superb Battery Life

The Kindle Kids Edition takes four hours to fully charge using a 5W power adapter, which has to be bought separately. They sell another bundle, which includes the charger for a discounted cost.

With the light settings set to 13, the Bluetooth and wireless off, the fully charged Kindle lasts up to four weeks, considering a 30 minutes reading time every day. You can also use Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks, but it will have an effect on battery life. Using wireless will yield the same result.

  • One year of Unlimited FreeTime Subscription

When you buy the product, a 1-year Unlimited FreeTime subscription is provided for free. After the first year, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee of $2.99. The FreeTime subscription is not exclusive to the Kindle you just bought only. Any compatible device can use the FreeTime subscription. For example, you can use the FreeTime subscription to play audiobooks on Amazon Echo.

  • Supports all the Formats you can think of

The All-new Kindle Kids Edition supports a wide variety of formats, including TXT, MOBI, PDF, Kindle (AZW), Kindle Format 8, DOC, DOCX, HTML, PNG, GIF, and JPEG. It is working with Audible to support the Audible audio format (AAX) as well.

You can adjust the font size, font face, margins, and line spacings on the Kindle. The 6″ display ensures everyone can read comfortably.

All-new Kindle Kids Edition - Includes access to thousands of books - Blue Cover


  • The in-built dictionary and Word Wise are bound to win hearts.
  • The 1-year FreeTime Unlimited Subscription ensures you do not need to spend extra on books.
  • The 2-years worry-free guarantee ensures you do not need to scold your children.
  • The back cover ensures the screen remains safe.


  • Audible is not available yet in the Kindle, but it is coming soon.
  • A charger has to be brought separately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is the backlighting similar to paperwhite?

Answer: The backlight is adjustable, and you can change it anytime you want. And you can change it to paperwhite as well.

Question: Is the Kindle Kids Edition durable?

Answer: With the back cover on, it is very durable. The two-year worry-free guarantee ensures you do not have to worry about durability.

Question: How big is the Kindle Kids Edition?

Answer: The Kindle is 6.4” long, 4.7” tall and 0.5” wide.


The fact that a charger is not included may set you off. Remember that there is another bundle that includes everything in this bundle and also a charger. The Kindle will be your junior’s best friend. Any family member can use it as well because it can hold any book you buy. If you pre-order right now, you will get it for a discounted price.

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