Amazon Smart Kindle Kids Edition – All-new Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle including Screen Protector and Power Adapter


You want to get your junior into reading. You want to get the best smart home device for reading. Preferably a device that does not allow too many distractions for your junior. Lucky for you, Amazon is bringing out the best Kindle Kids Edition this 30th October. Amazon is launching some great products in the market in a few days. The Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is one of them.

We all know that electronic devices are a significant distraction for kids nowadays. Your kid may start with a book and quickly find himself browsing YouTube a few moments later. Amazon is coming with this new best Kindle All-new Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle including Screen Protector and Power Adapter that provides no such distractions for your junior. When your kids are reading, there will be no ads or videos. Also, the device does not accommodate any games. So, if you want to get your kid hooked to reading, this is the best smart device you can get.

Let us look at the technical details and features of this new Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Kids Smart Device – All-new Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle including Screen Protector and Power Adapter Overview

All-new Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle including Screen

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This is the 10th Generation Kindle that was released this year. The device has a built-in storage of 8 gigabytes. The on-device storage can hold over a thousand books by itself. The Kindle weighs 288g only. So, your junior will never be tired of holding it. The suggested age range for the device is age seven (7) and above.

Out of the box, the set includes the Kindle, a cover, a USB 2.0 charging cable, and a user manual. Amazon provides a 2-years worry-free guarantee when you purchase the device. You also get a 1-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited when you subscribe for the first time. They provide free cloud storage for all Amazon Contents. That means you can only store items brought from Amazon on this cloud storage.

The FreeTime Unlimited subscription is not limited to the Kindle device only. It can be used on any compatible device such as other Kindles, Fire TV, Fire tablets, Amazon Echo, Android, and iOS devices.

The cover included in the box is convenient. It has magnets that ensure the cover closes firmly, and the screen is covered. The cover comes in several colorful designs, so you can get whatever aesthetically pleases you. And Amazon kept in mind that kids are flimsy. So, they will replace the Kindle if anything is broken. Keep in mind that you need to return it, and after that, they will replace it.

Features & Benefits

  • Built-in dictionary and vocabulary builder

When you run across a word, you are not familiar with it. You can click the word and look it up in the built-in dictionary. Whenever you look up a word in the built-in dictionary, the word is automatically recorded in the Vocabulary Builder. The Vocabulary Builder creates flashcards that your junior can use to memorize the words.

If you want fewer distractions while reading, Word Wise brings simple definitions above difficult words, so you do not need to go to the dictionary every time.

  • Outstanding Battery Life

Once fully charged, the Kindle lasts up to 4 weeks with the wireless and Bluetooth off. If the light setting is set to 13, the battery easily lasts up to 4 weeks. The duration that the battery lasts will vary with wireless and Bluetooth usage. For example, listening to audiobooks using Bluetooth will affect battery life.

It takes 4 hours to fully charge the Kindle using a 5W power adapter or using the USB cable provided.

  • Supported Formats and Accessibility features

The Kindle Kids Edition supports all of the following formats: TXT, PDF, MOBI, Kindle Format 8, Kindle (AZW), HTML, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPEG, GIF. It will also support Audible audio format (AAX).

The Kindle also allows you to adjust the font face, the font size, line spacing, and margins. With the 6″ display and optimized font technology, you and your junior can read comfortably with this device.


  • The device is very durable with the provided cover.
  • It has a built-in dictionary and Word Wise.
  • It includes a 1-year FreeTime Unlimited subscription.
  • It comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee.
  • The device is fully wireless, and a computer is not required to download new content.


  • The Kindle itself comes only in black. The cover has different colors.
  • It does not support Audible audio format (AAX) yet. It is coming soon.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-Is the item durable?

Yes, using the cover provided, it is very durable.

-Is this item easy to use?

Yes, even kids can operate it. A user manual is provided with the device.

-What are the dimensions of this item?

It has a dimension of 6.4” x 4.7” x 0.5”.


Amazon Kindles are the best smart devices you can get for your junior. The Kindle Kids Edition with the FreeTime ensures your kids can not surf the internet or any social media sites. You can rest assured that your children are reading when this is in their hands. The device comes out on 30th October and is available for a discounted price right now. So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order it now.

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